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Am I wrong?

lee_7 Member Posts: 458
you can do a FBI background check and child abuse clearance yourself and give them a copy of report. We have to do this for our football and cheerleading league.


  • Hvacman
    Hvacman Member Posts: 159
    Background check question...

    I work for a medium sized commercial mechanical contractor, recently a customer forwarded to us a release form we were asked to fill out and return to the customer so they could do background checks on us. This form asked for every bit of personal identity information imagineable: SSN, last 3 residences, mothers maiden name, etc. The customer is is a school that houses and educates learning disabled kids. I understand that more and more customers are requiring checks be done on folks who work at their facilities, I agree with this policy and have nothing in my life or history that I wish to keep a secret. I refused to provide the information based on the fact that I don't know who would be given access to this information after it leaves my hands, there is an alarming amount of identity theft in the US today. My position is that my employer should be responsible for making sure background checks are done on their employees and providing the results, if asked, to the customers. What are your thoughts?
  • JohnNY
    JohnNY Member Posts: 3,230
    You're not wrong.

    There's no reason to give a client your SS number. Giving them your driver's license number, however, is all they should need to do a reasonably thorough check on your background.
    We do it on all our potential hires.

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  • Bryan_16
    Bryan_16 Member Posts: 262

    How much do you pay for the checks and exactly how do you do them? Is it done by a 3rd party or can you do it yourself? Bryan
  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    Good - glad you are thinking

    You are justly concerned; and I think that you can get your own reports run and provide copies.

    I'd give the place a call and ask them if you can provide your own reports with an explaination of your concerns.

    I have had several credentials from the state that have required me to obtain and submit routing criminal records checks. All I have ever done is fill out the paperwork and send it with a check to the appropriate state agency and they send me a report later. I then provide that report to the licensing agency for the credentials.

    The only exception to that which I no of is nuclear facilites. There, if you are to be badged for unescorted access, each employee will be asked to undergo a full background check and will have to supply even more detailed information and submitt to drug testing and personality analysis (federal law). However, nuclear facilies have full time professional staffs with adequate controls to protect your personal information. As a person who routinely brings contractors onsite I have to get SSN and Birth date information to start the in-processing process; and then each employee fills out all the other forms themselves and I never know what their background or history is. I also never hear why people are not granted clearance either. I do give a heads up to the contractor on what kinds of things arn't going to fly (history of recent drug or alochol problems, violent crimes, etc) to allow them to send people who are likely to pass the screening.

  • Mike T.
    Mike T. Member Posts: 4
    SOme good points, But

    SS # No way. Now since they know whom you are and you are cleared, what or why cant you require a background check from them to be sure they will not stalk or harm your family since now they know everything.......? THIS IS CALLED OVER THE TOP POLITICALLY INCORRECT. Wake up. What's next,? do you smoke in your car, well you are not able to work on the job sight because that's against GOV. policy. Get it.

    Mike T.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,111
    no ss#

    For back ground checks i have never been asked to submit my SS# and this was for military bases and goverment defense firms , but i had to be finger printed ,pics and a background check but never ever was i asked for my ss # and back in the day we did alot of work for military contrators Sub and for military testing facutiles never and i mean never have i been asked to submit my SS # i would not include it ,it is compleatly unnecessary for a completet background check espically for a disable school some one has got a bug up there you know what or is getting a payback on the background check ,we also used to do day cares and public and private schools never once did i hear nor see any background checks people are nuts peace and good luck clammy PS i would not submit my SS that's for dam sure ain't there business
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  • Tekkie
    Tekkie Member Posts: 58
    The gov't in our lives

    You are the victim of the pedophiles/nuts/wackos. Every time someone is taken advantage of the politicos rant and rave and more restrictions are placed on our rights. Where is the balance??

    But if anyone with a devious thought in mind wanted to they could get your number within a few minutes. It just makes it easier for the school because they are following a proscribed method and getting your permission.
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