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please review my numbers

opinions please...

i set the boiler to 175.
i set the adjustable aquastat to max 150, (adjustable differential) lower temp was set to 120. so in theory it heats till it hits 150, then does not turn back on until tank cools to 120.

the reason for the concern is as follows.
the incoming water to my amtrol tank is pre-heated by a solar loop, which sits at 120-160 pretty much every day. so in theory......boiler fed tank wont fire again until it gets down to 120, but if incoming water is permanently above that......boiler wont fire, saving the cheap englishman some money....right??????


  • Sounds fine to me. That's almost exactly how I wanted to integrate solar space heating into my Vitodens. Once the burner stopped firing, I was going to activate control of the 2nd heating circuit (built-in) to mix water from the solar storage into the supply of the only "real" heating circuit, thus keeping the supply water above the "trigger point" for the burner until the energy in the solar tank was exhausted or inadequate based on the temp required by the main heating curve. Unfortunately, I still don't have a place for the solar collectors.
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