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Stiff sentence for failure to get permits

Brian_18 Member Posts: 94
As a Home Owner DIY'er, I choose to pull permits & have inspections so that I can be assured that my home owners insurance will cover me. I can't imagine how to deal with an insurance claim mess for a fire (example) that may have been caused by something that I never even touched in my home, BUT is disallowed because I DID DO some electrical work (example) and never had it inspected. I need to be able to sleep at night.


  • Bruce M
    Bruce M Member Posts: 166
    Jail time

    for this guy.

    Mark H
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    It's a free country

    We live in a free country as long as you have a permit.

  • Rich Kontny_5
    Rich Kontny_5 Member Posts: 116
    Exceptions to Rules


    The old saying is that "exceptions to a rule means there is no longer the rule". We would have far fewer hacks and code violators if the rules are uniformly enforced. I have absolutely no problem with this ruling.

    I have a much larger problem with unlicensed violators who get away with no licenses, bonding, inspections etc due to lack of enforcement.

    If a few are put away perhaps the example will convince people to do things right.

    In this day and age of DIY centers everyone and his brother is a tradesmen (with or without training) The loser of course is ultimately the homeowner as he is getting subpar and perhaps unsafe installs.

    If the homeowner does things to code and does the permit inspection thing I say "more power to him", however no slack should be given to a homeowner if he (or she) tries to circumvent codes.

    The inspectors if above board are not only the homeowners best friend but ours.

  • Pat K
    Pat K Member Posts: 88

    Right we should send people to jail for not begging permission to do things with their own property.

    Have you hugged your Boiler today?
  • Rich Kontny_5
    Rich Kontny_5 Member Posts: 116

    Obviously you do not understand how codes are developed and why they are enforced. Things like lawsuits,health hazards,fires,floods and even structural deficiencies happen all the time when there are weak codes and enforcement.

    A porch collapse in Chicago several years ago killed five.
    Fire code violations in New Jersey several years ago that killed close to 100 at a dance club.

    Yes,jail time may seem harsh but my guess is there is much more to this story. Things like continued non-conformance and belligerence.

    You have the wrong impression! Inspector's are a neutral third party that provide cheap protection against contractor errors, ommisions or worse yet incompetance!

    Don't mean to sound cruel here but after 39 years of contracting I have seen a great deal of snafus.

    Rich K.
  • Ruthe Jubinville_2
    Ruthe Jubinville_2 Member Posts: 674
    no code and no zoning

    did you ever live with no codes or zoning? Definitely was a much pleasanter environment.
  • Pat K
    Pat K Member Posts: 88

    "Obviously you do not understand "

    I understand that those things happen codes or no codes.

    I understand that ethier you are free or you are permitted.

    I understand that folks can want to control other people through force, or have no such wish to do so.

    I have no such wish.
    Have you hugged your Boiler today?
  • Ever hear THIS story?

    Sadly Mr Thrall has since expired, never realizing his dream

  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 6,767
    He seems like a jerk that probably deserves it

    He chose to defy the judge's orders and looks like he lost. Don't feel bad for him, he will be out in less than a week after they make an example out of him. Conversely, this typifies the capricious, arbitrary & heavy-handed INSANITY of The American system of justice: Martha does real time whilst, Lindsay, Paris and the bimbos skate; Child molesters with prior convictions go free to a repeat performance and some teenager in Iowa DOES A YEAR of hard time for having a dime bag of pot. The pendulum swings wildly - depending who your are and where "the Crime" takes place. The older I get.......Mad Dog

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