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redoing my piping

jeff_99 Member Posts: 27
thanks for you previous help here. The contractor, who sub'd the work out for this job, agreed to redo the near boiler piping. (see attachment)That would replace the 2" piping with 2 1/2 as spec'd in manual.System was banging and slow to heat. While they're at it, shall I suggest they use the second tapping. (36o sq ft of radiation).
Is copper OK for the hartford loop or is black pipe preferable?
You guys have been most helpful


  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Second tapping can't hurt

    and I'd also tee each main directly off the header, rather than having just one takeoff from the header feeding both mains.

    Copper should be OK for piping that does not carry steam. I'd take black pipe down to the Hartford Loop tee.

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  • [Deleted User]

    I'd look into the size of the gas line. It looks like you have a water heater and a boiler running off of 1/2". It's hard to tell by looking at the picture.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,112
    boiler size

    Jeff what size peerless is that ,definety change that single riser off your header to 2 seperate feeds i would probalby use both tappings and increase that header to at a minium of 2 1/2 ,3 inch being better and the copper for the equilizer i guess is ok but i usually do it all in steel that's the way they wherer always done but times are changing ,i also would check that gas line size personally i don't use CSST i personally have seen the bonding issue that have been talked about first hand and have seen there ads on the class action suit and all of BS for correcting in the long run steel pipe for gas is easier and less expensive with a safer long term life span just my opion peace and good luck clammy
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  • jeff_99
    jeff_99 Member Posts: 27
    size of the peerless

    the peerless is 63-04L. Ill urge, actually insist, that hs uses your suggestion of installing two separate feeeds off the header.
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