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boiler replacement


Good god man its a 1959 boiler!
I would bet the average human has had 10 new cars.

Thinking like that the old car still ran why did you trade it in? keep it and depend on it for 20 more years!

Uh, Safety, reliability, cost of operation, return on investment, home resale, oh lets not forget for the looks!


  • Bruce_22
    Bruce_22 Member Posts: 3
    San Diego hydronic boiler replacement

    We have an OLD Raypac model 120-TP boiler for our in slab copper pipe hydronic heating system. Installed in 1959, 120K BTY/Hr. input, 96K BTU/Hr output. I don't think I'm getting a good heat transfer through the exchanger. Maybe I can clean the exchanger or maybe it's time for replacement. Any suggestions on the replacement? 1600 Sq. Ft., six zones and one circulator - used 3-4 months a year. Should I calculate my load? Any questions,suggestions and local San Diego referral appreciated.
  • Bruce

    Yes, I would replace it. Most every MC boiler shines on low temp, you will get eff. in the 94%+ range!
    Kiss that old Raypak goodbye and watch the fuel bills go down!
    A HL calc on the house is the only proper-way to come-up with your size, but from what you are saying the smallest model would likely do the job.
    Take a good look at the Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 110, great product & factory support!

  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752
    Ditto on the Prestige

    Great application for this. Do a heat loss and make sure it's not way oversized. Tim
  • J. Cricket
    J. Cricket Member Posts: 36

    >I don't think I'm getting a good heat transfer
    >through the exchanger.

    Huh? And you know this how?

    While mod-con boilers are good things, it never saves money to replace a working boiler, especially in San Diego where your heating bills are low and so your savings will be low. (The new boiler costs about the same whether you're in San Diego or Fargo.)
  • Bruce Stevens
    Bruce Stevens Member Posts: 133
    I would first do a

    pressure test on that in slab heat, copper and flyash a componant of most concrete do not get along well and most copper/slab floors around here from the forties have been long abandoned do to leaks.
  • Chris_82
    Chris_82 Member Posts: 321

    My only observation is after some homeowners installed much bigger boilers on similar copper in concrete...the copper started leaking in the floor. Seems the greater heat started things mooving... I don't want to be an alarmest, esp if things are working just fine, but too much copper in concrete and people forget it only lasts so long...
  • Ross_7
    Ross_7 Member Posts: 577
    got any pics?

    Got any pics of the old boiler?
  • Eric_8
    Eric_8 Member Posts: 66
    HELP!!! am i getting a good deal?

    Hello Everyone,

    Please can some one just advise me if i'm getting a good deal.

    I'm having my boiler replace and this is what i've been quoted.


    Drain down heating system.

    Remove existing boiler.

    Take out existing expansion tank.

    Remove existing Hot water cylinder

    Supply and fit new Worcester Condensing combination boiler.

    Supply and fit new associate pipe work

    Supply and fit new thermostatic radiator valves to
    bedrooms, hall.

    Run new condense pipe.

    Run new gas supply to boiler.

    Flush the system thoroughly and add inhibitor.

    Supply and fit new programmable room thermostat.

    Remove all rubbish.

    Price £ 2000

    Please email me back or post a message on this site.

    my email is khaladamajid@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank You
  • Jim Gibson (UK )
    Heating quote

    hello Kay,

    Firstly. the guys on this site don't really discuss price details, and secondly they're the other side of the Atlantic.

    Can I suggest that a good starting place for those of us in the UK might be ( if my link works ! ) -

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