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What is the best high efficient boiler on the market?

I've always believed that there is a right boiler for every application and not knowing your system layout, I can only say that Viessmann, Buderus and Weil McLain all make excellent, high efficiency, condensing gas boilers. Any of these would be a safe place to start. Viessmann is recognized by many as the best of the best, but there are good arguments for the others as well. Find a contractor well experienced with condensing gas boilers and have a long talk with him. He should be able to provide you with all the pros and cons, and help you decide what is best for your system and your budget.
Good luck.


  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Member Posts: 5
    High Efficient Boilers/wall mount

    I'm replacing an old Glocor boiler and I'm looking for the best wall mount boiler I can get. Some of my heating contractor friends all have different answers. One of my friends suggested this web site for expert opinions.
    Is there a consumers reports for hot water boilers?
  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    The best of the best...

    Is Viessmann.

    Homeowner here who was asking similar questions over a year ago: I would seriously look at installing a modulating & condensing boiler with outdoor reset. The Vitodens 200 is a totally awsome boiler (I installed one in my house). It comes with a built in control system that can handle almost any heating situation (other boilers have to add a control system for anything but the basic on/off operation).

    The Vitodens burner & boiler coil design is phenominal - and others don't even come close (and I'd recommend that you stay away from Aluminum block boilers if you really are looking for a long life boiler).

    I do note two things:

    1) This is German Imported technology - it is not cheap Edited to add: (a mix between initial higher price and a function of the exchange rate between currencies).

    2) There may be a few heating system layouts that would do better with another boiler.

    3) Let us know where you are and we may be able to recommend a heating professional who has experience with this brand.

    I also note that I have a mid 1950's house with cast iron baseboard on a Monoflo T system (1 pipe system).

    I installed a Vitodens 200, Low Loss Header, with RS sensor to regulate house temperate (The RS Sensor acts similar to an old style thermostate: yes, for some cases, you can feedback house temperature and get the boiler to respond: Note that the RS sensor will not work effectively for all hydronic heating systems).

    I also installed their domestic hot water heating tank and eliminated the stand alone hot water heater.

    Overall, I cut my gas usage by about 45% on the first winter (and the gas company came and changed the meter becasue the thought the old one was reading wrong).

    Please note that another control stratagy that is idealy suited to the Vitodens is the installation of Temperature Control Valves on most of the radiators in the house. Then you get individual room temperature control. Very effective with a Vitodens. In most cases these valves can be resonably be retrofitted to most old radiators. In my case it would not have been pretty - and I could use the RS sensor.

    Edited to add: Viessmann also has other boiler models - and can supply a boiler to fit virtually any residential or small commercial application.

  • Sam

    While I agree with Al & Perry`s recommendations, the Viessmann Vito IS pricey, IMHO another unit well worth considering is a Triangle Tube Prestige , their HX design may eliminate the P/S piping required, and factory support is great. I`m sure you`ll find many other wallies also share this opinion.

  • Boilerpro_5
    Boilerpro_5 Member Posts: 407
    Perry and Dave have it right on.....

    Veissmann is nearly always considered the best of the best, however, as someone here put it, the Prestige is the "new cast iron boiler"...A sturdy workhorse design with excellent efficiency and very low maintenanace requirements. There are at least a few folks here that exclusively installed Viessman, but when the Prestige became available here in USA, (its been in Europe for about 15 years), they added the Prestige line.


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  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    It doesn't matter.....

    ..... which condensing boiler you choose because having most contractors install condensing equipment is like putting me behind the wheel of an F-1 car.........Not a good idea :-)

    Make sure your contractor knows hydronic heating.

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    The Radiant Whisperer

    "The laws of physics will outweigh the laws of ecomomics every time."
  • Buy American

    I have been using Utica Boilers for years and I have had hardly any problems. The boiler is well built, they have great customer support, an excellent warrantee, and parts are always available. The new UB95M-200 is an awesome mod- con boiler with 95% AFUE. And they are made right here in Utica New York. Thanks, Bob Gagnon

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  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    I'll agree that the Triangle Tube Pristige is a good boiler

    When I did my research and personal ratings... I rated the Triangle Tube Pristige as the number 2 boiler for my application (the Vitodens 200 being Number 1). In my application the smallest Pristige was way to large (and even the Vitodens 200 6-24 is oversized).

    I also agree with the post below about finding a heating contractor who really understands hydronic heating systems - and hopefully understands mod/cons.

    No one in my area really understood both of these things and I could only get my boiler installed on a T & M basis with the factory rep helping direct how to install it (of course I live kinda in the boonies).

    However, if you are looking for long term value instead of just the cheapest install price... The boiler does matter.

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