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Identify this place AND radiator if you can =)

from your photos it looked like "Boldt Castle" . Been there a few times as it`s only about 30min from me by boat, besides the <i>women</i> like a good tour. Yes, the <i>intention here</i> was one-pipe steam, but it was never completed or lived-in, as his wife had died and all work stopped.<BR>Awesome tour though, it`s on the Seaway near Alexandria Bay, N.Y. everyone should <i>catch-it.</i><BR><BR>Dave


  • Daniel_15
    Daniel_15 Member Posts: 5

    Found this wall radiator in the back on the way to the power house. I wanted to take it but thought I'd find it difficult to fit in my pocket.

    I know that the valve manufacturer is now part of Crane plumbing but that's about it. No marks on the radiator anywhere. I have many more pictures but the place is in horrible disrepair and there's no more boiler room to speak of.

    It's obviously some type of hot-water system yet it's difficult to ascertain what type. In the one picture of the piping in a room you can see some type of small 1/4" pipe going into the wall and down to follow the return or supply.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,111
    eddy or paul sysytem

    Daniel i also have seen these in the past thoses 1/8 lines went back to the boiler room and where part of a air removal system using a injector /pump or the main air vent .the home in that picture would not happen to be in new york state yeah?Nice rads it's very weird becasue in alot of those system i have ran into had set simalr to your where there where rads thatwhere piped straight through and some 1 pipoe alot of hybreeds peace and good luck clammy
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  • lee_7
    lee_7 Member Posts: 458

    It looks very similar to the rads I have in my house, Same pattern and design.
  • Daniel_3
    Daniel_3 Member Posts: 543

    New York state it is! Yet not the mainland =)

    George Boldt's castle . .what a shame!

    You think it's a vapor system?

    I guess that Playhouse on the far side of the island could have had a separate hot water system.
  • Daniel_3
    Daniel_3 Member Posts: 543

    I am about a 10 minute boat ride away from there. I stay on Wellesley Is. just about a mile down from the bridge. I bet the boiler was never even installed but I'll have to do more research into the building and not just the family history. A really cool place indeed. You know the Crane castle and it's island are for sale . .thinking of buying?
  • Wellesley Island you say,

    we`re almost neighbors!

  • Steamhead (in transit)
    The air bleed on that rad

    tells me it's probably hot-water.

    BUT- it was not uncommon to find manual bleeds like that on early steam systems. The first really good automatic air vent for steam didn't come out until 1912.

    I'd love to see where those 1/4" lines went.

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