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System Sketch

<U><B>TACO 006 - Circulator</B></U>

19,000 mbh Manual-J for 2,400 sq.ft. @ -20F.

<U>3/8" branch piping.</U>

Fully TRVd, two-pipe system using 15 emitters and 14 circuits.

11,000 btu/hr (60% <I>heat requirement</I> assumed at design)

<B>5F delta-t @ 130F = 4 gpm @ 6.6' head (2.3 psi)</B> <I>with insignificant bypass</I>.

Differential pressure bypass valve setting = 6' (2.2 psi)

Approx. 4 gpm @ 6' head <I>constant</I> system flow.

130F <B>FIXED</B> supply temperature.

5F delta-t


  • Mike T., Swampeast MO

    Can any reasonable installer follow?

    The 4' at each end of the floor trusses is open with solid web connecting.

    large (3.3 meg) file
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    give me more head, delta-t and flow

    typical winter flow

    9,000 btu emitter output

    8°F delta-t ----- [ increasing with supply temp above 130°F ]

    2¼ gpm emitter flow + 1¾ gpm bypass flow @ 6½' (2.25 psi) --- [ emitter flow decreasing with increasing delta-t and increasing supply temp ]

  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Sketch Has Been Cropped

    reload for better view
  • Am I missing something Mike?

    is this some sort of test? Given the impeccable knowledge you`ve shown in the past here, can`t you do the math?

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