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SpacePak Troubleshoot

I have not gone back to that jobsite.
But yes, I do have gauges. I cant remember exactly, but
liquid line was very low maybe 25 on the liquid side and 80 on the suction.
The real problem , even if there is a restriction or the TX valve bad,it will be extremly difficult to change. Opening the ceiling, or squeezing a 3' tall HVAC pro up there to check it out. Since they squeezed the handler between the open truss rafters.

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  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    Not cooling

    Hey Guys,

    First let me say , I don't do a lot of A/C , however I was asked to look at a SpacePAk unit that was installed by others.
    First thing I did was clean the filter, filthy with sheetrock dust, It also has a hot water coil, and I sprayed that clean also.
    Very tight space, not even a real attic for the air handler, I have to lay on top of it, to access the unit. So I really want to spend only the time needed to get it cooling properly again. At least it is not too hot up there now.
    The problem is the liquid line is very cold, but the suction is warm, there is frost build up after the TX valve. I'm thinking there is a restriction. I also noticed soldered connections, not brazed.
    Any thoughts on what I should be looking for before I squeeze up there again.

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  • JimmyJam
    JimmyJam Member Posts: 78
    Space Pak

    It sure sounds as if it is low on refrigerant charge or the expansion valve is not operating correctly.

    Just make sure you are not seeing any "frosting" on the liquid line prior to expansion valve. If you were, that would be an indication of a restriction, possibly from the filter/drier in the condensing unit of most manufacturers.

    Good Luck!

  • jim lockard
    jim lockard Member Posts: 1,059

    your solder connections could very well be "stay brite " which is a very accepted way to "burn in" A/C units as the low temp melting point tends no to "burn up" txv's and service valves. J.lockard
  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 952

    for a filter drier. We found a job where the itty bitty factory drier in the outdoor unit plugged up. First symptom they found was cold liquid line. Could see the sweating starting right at the drier.
  • yourchizzler
    yourchizzler Member Posts: 10
    do you have gauges?

    whats up, a cold liquid line and warm suction can be from many things, do you own a set of gauges to check your pressures, and check your subcooling at the liquid line at the condenser. You do need gauges, just checking will lead you and everyone here to your answer. a cold liquid line is from over charge, bad TXV, compressor not pumping properly, or a low freon charge/leak. but normaly a low charge will give you a warm or hot liquid line not cold. I would need pressures, subcooling temp, outdoor temp and seer of condenser, and indoor temp, sounds like to me you may have a restriction somewhere. talk to you later, get gauges or call a HVAC pro to check it out. good luck Chizzler.
  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
    Hi Singh

    Have you taken a temp reading at the outlet ? Have yo used a meter at the outlet to see if there is the correct amount of airflow ? Just a couple of thoughts that come to mind. Is it possible that any of the supply lines are kinked or stepped on ?
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