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Heating system activated by phone

ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
Are you looking for a device that works like a cell phone that will turn a switch on and off to the boiler?

You may want a standard phone dialer, and I believe most cell providers have little black boxes that are basically a stationary cell phone. (I know Verizon does) It does require a separate dedicated cell phone line. I havent seen this done with heating systems, but I know Multitrode sewage lift station controls do this.


  • Jim_142
    Jim_142 Member Posts: 3
    Heating system activated by phone

    I have a client that wants to turn his radiant system on at his cottage by cell phone before he arrives. This is a supplemental heat which will be stapled up to sub floor to warm the tile. I planned on using a sensor under the sub floor and a Tekmar set point control. What type of telephone control will work with this? Or is there a better way? I am not looking for temperature adjustment, just on and off feature. Thanks, Jim
  • George Peteya_4
    George Peteya_4 Member Posts: 23
    Temperature Guard Plus

    Jim, I specified one of these about 5 years ago for a client with a ski home. You can get info about it at www.temperatureguard.com/vm501.htm. It will control up to 4 zones.
  • joel_19
    joel_19 Member Posts: 931

    This is easy if you use a Viessmann boiler or you could use the Honeywell TAM thermostat system which is also pretty easy and you can not only turn it on you can see how warm it is adjust temp etc. Install it for free with a monthly monitoring fee of say 39.99 locked in for 5.

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  • Sensaphone Cottage Sitter

    Cottage Sitter. Look up Sensaphone on the web. Some models have controllable outputs for that purpose (connecting thermostats, etc.)

    You can also call the unit and have a temperature report done by a synthesized voice. It will also call you when the power fails or at set low temperature alarms.

  • adambuild
    adambuild Member Posts: 414

    Sensaphone model 400 will answer your call in synthesized voice and allow you to turn on or off the heat, a/c or whatever. I've installed several. They're great. I get them from Graybar.
  • Bill W@Honeywell
    Bill W@Honeywell Member Posts: 164
    Honeywell's Telephone Access Module

    works with either the Networked Zoning system or the VisionPro IAQ model T'stat. 2 or 4 channel options.
  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    try this


    I have used the temp guard (base model without remote access) with great sucess in cottages.

  • JoeV_2
    JoeV_2 Member Posts: 43

    sensaphone....we have a half dozen. they're great.
  • Jay_14
    Jay_14 Member Posts: 39
    Phone activated controls

    Consider using the new tekmar 538 thermostat, a 079 slab sensor, and a 480 user switch. The user switch allows you to change from Day to Night and to Away temperature settings. The user switch can connect to a FreezeAlarm or possibly a Sensaphone (have not checked a Sensaphone). The FreezeAlarm or Sensaphone in turn connects to a telephone line.

    The new 538 is on the tekmar website: www.tekmarcontrols.com

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