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Studor Vents

Plumdog_2 Member Posts: 873
adopted by one jurisdiction around 2000 here in Co. Now the I-codes are just about everywhere. (Heard a rumor that some may go back to U-codes!) I don't see too much trouble from them, but use them only sparingly when atmospheric is too much trouble. Remodel guys shove them in everywhere. You still gotta have a certain amount of atmospheric venting on the system, and they can make chattering noises on drains improperly graded so that free flow of air is not present above the liquid in the pipe.


  • Rich Kontny_5
    Rich Kontny_5 Member Posts: 116
    Studor Vents

    Due to the miss application of air admittance devices here in Wisconsin the State is considering rescinding their approval entirely.

    About six years ago they approved Studor vents with restrictions here in Wisconsin. Like everything else certain contractors took that as a green light to use them as much as possible instead of when conventional waste and venting aren't possible.

    We and many others like this option for island sinks, penninsula sinks etc. instead of the old labor intensive loop vent piping arrangements. Our code requires them to be accessible for service and not used on pressure generating drains such as wash machine standpipes or commercial dishwasher standpipes.

    A not so bright plumbing contractor installed at least 68 studor vents in one motel.The maintenance guys have had to replace over half of them due to excessive back pressure caused by drain line blockages.This is the big reason for this debate.

    Have any of you who do both plumbing and wet heating had any issues with air admittance devices? Are they even allowed in your state?

    Also our local plumbing union is pushing for there demise not so much because of failures but because they are a labor/material saving device.

    Almost like shoplifting we all get penalized for those who break the rules!

    Make Peace your Passion

    Rich Kontny

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