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tgm Member Posts: 25
Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone has any experiance with TPI combustion analyzers? My wife gave me the go ahead to buy an electronic(before she realized the price) I know you get what you pay for but will I be that disappointed? I'm assuming when I find a job my van will have a wet kit but I'm a gadget junkie and want one. Only a few more weeks till the move back to maine!


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    ok say i had some extra dollars from working my self to a frazz

    this year and i was thinking about buying a jamming piece of electronic instrumentation for combustion analyzing....

    I would think Hmmm... "Where is that Fire Dragons web site?"

    then i might go...Hmmm...' Where is that Oil Tech talks forum ?'

    decisions decisions....
  • Rick Kelly_5
    Rick Kelly_5 Member Posts: 1
    Combustion Analyzers

    Hi Ty,

    After being a meticulous mechanical contractor for over 22 years, I decided that I needed a change in careers. Not wanting to toss away my years of training and experience, I shifted gears and now work as an HVAC and building analyst trainer. I was one of these rare contractors that actually did heating and cooling load calculations and fine tuned systems with precision combustion analyzers as a means of providing my clients with a properly done job.

    The company I now work for provides me with all the instrumentation that I request in order that I can properly train students with precision, repeatable results. This situation has given me the opportunity to use a wide variety of equipment from a number of different manufacturers such as TPI, UEI, Bacharach, and TESTO. The first two brands are more affordable than the last two. I have found all of these brands do an acceptable job with results that are repeatable and within range of each other. On the low end, a TPI 712 Combustion Analyzer with infrared printer will run you at least $900. On the high end a Testo with comparable features will cost you about $2000. If you research these devices you will find that some may offer features that are highly desireable that might not be included with other brands. A good example would be the ability of the user to change out some of the internal sensors without having to send out the instrument out for service and recalibration. The sensors may last up to three years or as little as six months depending upon useage and care.

    My best advice, do your homework before deciding on what you want to invest in and when you finally make a choice and have your instrument, have someone with experience using one to pass on some knowledge that goes beyond the owner's manual.

    By the way, I'm considering putting up for sale a TPI 712 that I purchased shortly before moving on to a new career. It's a couple of years old but was only used twice. Most likely it will end up on E-Bay, but feel free to make me an offer.

    Good Luck
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