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Innie or outtie

While working on an ice machine for a new customer with an old complaint, "it doesn't produce enough"!What I found was a very dirty air cooled cond coil ,a very dirty evap coil,and the replacement cond fan blade was on backwards.It was the proper blade,just installed wrong.The hub was on the "wrong" side of the new blade ,so the tech installed the new blade with the hub faceing the tech.Now, by reversing the blade it was harder to get the allen wrench into the allen fitting and to tighten it to the shaft,but thats the way it is.So,the moral of this story is ,do not judge a fan blade by it's hub location.I was the 4th tech to check out the ice maker in the past year ,since the 5th tech replaced the blade.How much damage was done to the comp is another story.


  • Tony_23
    Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033

    I see it all the time. I hate the "hidden" hubs, and think they shouldn't make them that way, but the blade pitch and construction is the key. Apparently, not enough "techs" can grasp this concept :)

    Worse than that, I went on a freezer call last summer that had a Hussmann condenser on the roof. One condenser fan sucking and the other blowing, wrong rotation. The wrong one also was not 208/230, but 115, and had one leg tied to the chassis. I was NOT happy....
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