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2nd Stage Heat Pump Control

I have been asked to finish a job that another contractor started. The home has radiant floor heating, warming with a propane gas boiler and a hi-eff heat pump back-up/primary heating and cooling. A sensor/stat wire has been run into the top floor ceiling mounted return air grill to monitor or control the heat pump. The radiant system is controled by wall mounted heat cool stats that will be hooked up to internet control. Does anyone have any idea how the heat pump will be controled in this set-up? There is kn ow stat just for the heat pump.


  • don_185
    don_185 Member Posts: 312
    Look for

    Look for a outdoor stat.You can used one stat to control both system thru an outdoor stat.

    The only problem you made have is your cycle rate with both
    equipment.One being a slow responce emitter and the other being a fast responce.

    Opps,sorry.I just gave you more to think about.

  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    There are two (at least) tricky parts here. The first is the internet-compatible stat for the radiant. That's a very special critter. Do you have something in mind? The second is using the heat pump for back-up. Usually, because of efficiency it's used for first stage, and fossil fuel is used for back-up. I'd suggest you post your question on the main part of the The Wall and see what you get from those guys.
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