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Bryant,York,or Armstrong 92% furnace?

Saggs Member Posts: 174
Customer is looking for a 90-92% modulating upflow LP furnace for a changeout. I have used Armstrong in the past but was wondering about reliabilty of Bryant or York as well. Looking to go w/ the HI-Lo fire and ECM blower motor. Any help would be much appreciated-Thx


  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    Are you looking for

    "Looking to go w/ the HI-Lo fire and ECM blower motor.."

    Sounds like 2 stage not modulating. If such is the case. Olsen (ECR international..Ithink they are also Oneida in the USA) just released their new 4 position 2 stage with ECM...put in my 1st one...sweet install, but read the manual..95% afue to boot. 60% and 100% firing rates.


    I used olsen for the last 10 years..their stuff is designed by formmer installers and it shows.(you can pull the blower out in 2 minutes, and completely change the heat exchanger in about 45)

  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520

    Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Tappan, Philco, Kelvinator, Gibson, Grandaire,Maytag http://www.nordyne.com/eNoraHome.aspx

    they make the 23seer units with 90+furnaces on the heat side and everything is variable speed motors (Panasonic IQ-drive) on the cooling side even the expansion valve is a stepper motor – even a licensed ac guy need to take a 1 day course on the 23seer unit, at the distributor, before they will sell it to them – they want to make sure they don’t screw up the electronics or get screwed up by it – the jury is still out on how well they will hold up to thunderstorms – compared to regular 2-sage units – because now you have electronics outdoors in the condensing unit!!!

    note: variable speed is not the same as ECM – ECM is electronically commutated motors (usually with a permanent magnet rotor – but can be an induction exited on a well) with internal servo electronics to maintain a speed regardless of the load etc, - eg your hard disk drive motor will do a whole bunch of torque adjusting accels/decles per rotation to maintain exact speed despite any balance problems, likewise the new pumps from Wilo will maintain an exact delta-P as zones open and close without the need for an electricity wasting pressure differential bypass valve

    to be sure, we can always use the general electricity saving and great starting torque of permanent magnet motors, but in AC, speed adjustment is more important than torque adjusting to match loads
  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405

    Rheem makes the only forced air unit with a modulating burner that I know of. The Armstrong 95 is a nice two stage unit. 95% will get your customer the $250 tax credit
  • John Starcher_4
    John Starcher_4 Member Posts: 794
    The American Standard....

    .....Variable Speed furnace now carries a 95% rating to qualify for the rebate.

  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 951
    York too

    York now has a modulating furnace but it runs on a single stage stat so guesses at what firing rate to use based on past cycles. To me Rheem's method with a special stat is a better way since firing rate is based on heating needs of the house not a computer's guess.

    Everyone has a 2 stage ECM model. And some qualify for the 95% tax credit plus $50 for ECM. In a heating market, the Rheem Mod provides incredible comfort. Temp rise stays pretty constant around 65° from the 40% to 100% firing range.
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