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York UPG Air Handler TXV

OK first of all, you have to reinstall the TXV correctly, Then try again. Also you will probably need to recover the r-22 you added. No wonder this other guy walked off the job..... I cannot emagine the factory installing this valve as you discribed.

Mike T.


  • Michael Diack
    Michael Diack Member Posts: 3
    TXV Issues?

    Ok, a new customer had their HVAC contractor walk off the job. At first glance, all he needed to do was hook up L1 & L2 at the York UPG F4FP air handler. However, after doing that, I noticed 20psi on low side and about 40 psi on the high side when I hooked up my gauges. No restriction in air flow, did compressor test, etc... so I added r22. Brought the low side to 60, however the high side is still sitting way too low. The temps of both lines are around 70-75 degrees. So I check out the factory installed TXV valve installed after the evap. coil inside inside the air handler. First thing I noticed was the arrow in the TXV was pointing the opposite direction of flow. The bulb was insulated outside the air handler on the liquid line. There appears to be no adjustment. One observation was that half of the evaporator coil appears to be cooling and condensate is dripping As soon as the lines tie back in together right before the TXV the lines are much warmer. I do not have access to the installation manual for this unit. Any ideas? Non-condensables or incorrectly installed TXV?

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  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    Morning Michael,The TXV is usually factory installed and usually soldered in place.The liquid line is the small line and is feeding into the TXV,then out of the TXV thru the larger port and into the evap coil.Then out of the evap coil thru the larger suction line and the thermal bulb is strapped and insulated to the suction line.Is this what you have?Also,I'm guessing here ,but if both lines are the same temp ,I'm thinking the comp is not running.Are the service valves backseated {open]?
  • Ranger
    Ranger Member Posts: 210

    Hi Michael.
    The F4FP is an old style UPG/JCI air handler w/a factory installed hcfc-22 expansion valve.Hopefully the sensing bulb from the txv powerhead is mounted on the suction line,and not the liquid as stated.Is there also a UPG/JCI brand matched condensing unit also tied to this a/h? There will be a charging chart with the outdoor unit instructions if so.You will need to be able to take a wet bulb return air temperature,outdoor condensing (air) temperature and liquid line temperature to do so.If this is not the case try charging the system to 10F subcooling.This will get you close to the correct charge.By the limited information given,although not impossible it is unlikely that the txv would have been installed incorrectly from the factory. It sounds to me like the refrigerant charge is off.UPG/JCI machines come from the factory charged with enough refrigerant to account for the condenser,evaporator and 15 feet of lineset.(If matched)
    Hope this helps,
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Hey Michael

    From what you have said, if all is indeed as you preent, I have little or no confidence in the work that was done prior to you making your grand entrance on scene. Not only do y ou have to reinstall/remount the TXV and bulb, I would definitely check the system for non-condensables, since it is obvious that the system was not charged previously.

    When all looks good, open your class notes and proceed!

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