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I need a quiet(er) condensate pump

ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
I havent used a Hydromatic pump, but could there be something wrong with that pump?

<a href="http://www.lgpc.com/HVAC/BySubcategory.aspx?TypeID=3&CategoryID=11&SubcategoryID=32&ProductSeriesID=78"target="_blank">Little Giant</a> pumps seem pretty quiet to me, though my hearing might not be perfect. <a href="http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/wwg/productIndex.shtml?originalValue=condensate+pump&L2=Removal+Pumps&operator=prodIndexRefinementSearch&L1=Condensate"target="_blank">Grainger</a> sells them.


  • noisy

    I have a customer who is complaining about the noise his condensate pump we installed on his condensing boiler system makes, and it does sound like a little garberator when it goes off. I have the same one (a hydromatic) in my place, but it's in an unfinished basement so I don't really hear it.

    know any quiet(er) ones?
  • Bruce Stevens
    Bruce Stevens Member Posts: 133
    We have always used

    Little Giant pumps and never thought them to be noisy, however some people are more sensitive than others to noise or just a placement issue. Have you thought of putting an insulated box over it like a Riello burner box cover you could make one and try it out at home first.
  • I use

    Little Giant too,,never a complaint. Are you neutralizing the condensate first?

  • seems normal

    I don't think there is anything wrong with it, i've installed four Hydromatics and they all sound like that. makes a rattly grinding noise, especially when mounted to a wall.

    I'll check out the little giants though.
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