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Good News onthe Code Front (ME)

It won't be an "option" in the next version of the I codes.

R-5 minimum below concrete.

Edge thermal break required (1/2" asphaltic expansion joint minimum)

R-11 minimum below floor on staple up applications.

Insulation MUST have the R value clearly written on the product.

Where it can be proven that the insulation in an "engineered system" will negatively impact the thermal performance of the building, it is not required (Larry Drake ammendment).

You won't have to worry about your jack legged competitor excluding the cost of insulation so they can be low man on the totem bid pole now...

Onward and upward.



  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    Where does this code have influence?
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Thats Great Mark

    All we ned know is some sort of AHJ to inspect these jobs and know the codes. In Mass there is No One doing this.

    What code is this ??


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  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    That's what I'm saying. Here in Ma only a few towns use a mech code and they didn't even look at the radiant installation. They only cared about using R6 insul on duct work and the depth of the safety pan.
  • International Codes

    IMC, IPC, IRC etc...

  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    "It won't be an "option" in the next version of the I codes."

    I understand. Some towns in Ma are using the Internation Mech code.
  • Leo G_101
    Leo G_101 Member Posts: 87

    sounds groovy Mark. Here in Beautiful British Columbia, the provincial government has finally accepted hydronics as its' own trade! It appears that there will be a three year apprenticeship, and us old geezers can get our "ticket" through some night schooling. Hopefully within the next few years, YOU WILL NEED A TICKET to install hydronics! (probably just after I retire! LOL!)

    Leo G
  • Your program..

    has my envy and the attention of certain national codes organizations Leo.

    Keep up the GREAT work.

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Great work Mark

    I hope it crosses to all the major codes. Although it looks like the International is picking up steam. I take it Colorado has gone from the Uniform to "I"? Any other western states?

    I'd like to know more about "engineered" insulation exclusions?? Would an R 1.65 with an engineers stamp "become" and R -5 ;)

    Reminds me of that move where the fellow explained to his girl friend (Jennifer Antison)that he wasn't really stealing money from his company. "The money just "becomes" mine through some computer gliches"

    hot rod

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  • I too am curious about the "larry drake exclusion". what is the intent behind that? The only example I can think of where insulation would hurt performance if it were on the wrong side of the emitter...
  • Larry Drake

    Voiced concerns over "omni-directional radiant panel systems", whereby, the omnidirectional flow (downward from the radiant floor above" was taken into consideration in the design of the system. I questioned it's use (How the hell do you shut it off if you don't want/need it on the floor below the floor actually receiving the heat?), but Larry insisted that it had been used and did in fact work and the code authorities wrote that exemption into the code.

    HR, THe use of the I codes really depends upon the municipality. Some citys use the I codes, some use the U. Denver has adopted the I codes, and rumor has it that there will be a wedding between the two codes to become one... Don't hold your breath.

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