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boiler bangs on startup

If it shakes the floor, and it was my house, I'd have another pro in there pronto for a second opinion.. Sounds like a delayed ignition problem.


  • ButchButch Member Posts: 19
    boiler bangs on startup

    Just got a tuneup on my Weil Mcclain boiler. I have a raised ranch so the boiler in on the first floor under the stairs. It has been loud upon startup for awhile. When they came to tune it up I told them. Now it's just as loud if not louder sometines. Sometimes the floor shakes. They did say that happens when the boiler is cold. When he tuned it up the smoke detector went off. He had the inspection cover loosen. He than tightened it back up and the detector hasn't gone off again. Is that right? I did have a professional do the work, not a friend. Thanks, Butch
  • Is this a gas

    or oil boiler?
  • jalcoplumbjalcoplumb Member Posts: 62
    Sounds like oil.

    What did the inspection include? Did they clean the flue? Check the chimney? Clean between the boiler sections? Adjust the draft? Use a combustion analyzer?

    There is a problem. You need to find a new technician to work on your boiler. Start with calling the company back and seeing if they are willing to come out and rectify the problem. It might be a technician that needs some retraining. The company should want to know about this.

    Good luck.
  • ButchButch Member Posts: 19

    It is an oil boiler.
  • Steamhead (in transit)Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    You need a better tech

    sounds like a delayed ignition problem. Try the Find a Professional page of this site. If you're in the Baltimore area, call us.

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  • MikeMike Member Posts: 2

    Why does everyone think he needs a new technician? Like none of you have ever had a call back? Call the company back and let them know the problem is now worse. They shouldn't charge you anything for the call unless it requires a part be replaced. Hopefully they send the original tech and maybe a senior or lead tech. Two heads are better than one and maybe the tech will learn something. It could be a bad nozzle or a cracked porcelain.
  • Big EdBig Ed Member Posts: 170
    I Agree with Mike

    Don't throw out the baby with the bath water ... Just give a call back to your service provider and let them know it needs a correction . Rumble with a Weil Mclain are common problems outside using a Riello burner or a AFG Becket or better burner. How old is your equipment ?
  • JoannieJoannie Member Posts: 22

    Sounded to me like the tech that was there told him that the sound was normal on cold start. If that's true, I would suggest a new tech, too.
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