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Vacuum steam

Jeffrey KJeffrey K Posts: 4Member
I ran across a 5 year old Weil-mclean 768 connected to a large vacum sustem in a residental house in Reading ma. The system is not heating past 2nd floor anyone know where to get good info on these old systems with new boiler and old contracter gone. Any ideas would be a help ..


  • Mike T., Swampeast MOMike T., Swampeast MO Posts: 6,928Member

    Might I suggest this as a wonderful starting place?
  • Christian Egli_2Christian Egli_2 Posts: 812Member
    Look no further

    HeatingHelp is the place.

    Your problem seems to scream VENTING to me. To get closer to a solution, describe more exactly in what ways the radiators are connected to the piping. Look for traps on the outlet (or there absence) and take note of brands on valves and trap bodies. All your traps will have to be in functioning shape.

    Next pay huge attention to your return piping. The returns are where most the two pipe problems reside. The first problem is always finding where the air can get out. Look for what has been done to the air hole, it may be plugged.

    At how much pressure has the system been operated? If you blow into the relief valve (which you forcibly open) what comes back at you when you remove your mouth? Lastly, is there a mysterious radiator hanging on the ceiling in the boiler room somewhere? Check also that your system isn't flooded up to first floor level.

    Hopefully it will all be an easy fix.

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