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Add Hot Shot to old oil tank?

Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033
Would be money spent to change a tank that old.


  • Larry C_12
    Larry C_12 Member Posts: 9
    Hot Shot good idea?

    Home owner here. Got an old oil tank. Old enough that it doesn't have the sheet metal flanges on the end of the tank. I'm guessing it is from the 1940's. Oil contractor dumped a bottle of Hot Shot in it last winter when he did a tune up and cleaning. Two months later I had to replace the standard outlet oil filter and removed and washed the pump inlet strainer. After the summer tune up he suggested that I do more Hot Shot to continue removing the sludge in the tank.

    Is it better to let sleeping dogs lie and not remove the existing sludge, or try to remove the sludge and see if the tank springs leaks?

    If it does make sense to remove the sludge, would it make more sense to recirculate the oil thru a separate pump and filter to clean the tank?


    Larry C
  • steve_29
    steve_29 Member Posts: 185

    I've seen it where the only thing keeping the tank from leaking is the sludge in the bottom...

    If it's that old replace the tank.
  • Super Drain
    Super Drain Member Posts: 15
    1940's oil tank

    I am a burner tech for an oil company and belive me you do not want to deal with an oil spill in your home. Costs could be 100's of thousands of dollars. My advice, get prices to install new tank. At 50+ years old, you got your money's worth out of the old tank. Change it before it leaks.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    new tank or 2nd job

    as others have stated get a new tank or when the old one goesw you will need a 2 nd job to pay for the clean upalso as others staed some times the only thing keepem from leaking is the sludge ,be wise and get your tank replaced last job that i saw a tank go was a old outside 275 over $30,000.00 for the clean up be wise get your old tank replaced or make sure your insurance co will pay or see if you can get tank insurance peace and good luck clammy
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