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CO warnings

Paul Fredricks_3
Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557
Another good reason to check draft with the an outside door open and closed. We get a lot of odor calls in the summer. The first things the guys ask is if there is an attic fan. Some customers swear they don't have one, but our guys will look anyway. One of the techs brought me a melted cad cell eye the other day that was failed due to the attic fan.


  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,110
    CO warnings

    Just a reminder that CO is still a danger even in the summer ,recently got a call for CO alarms wheree going off at a custermers home when i arrived the ulity co was therer very high reading they red taged it and left ,as i checked all things i remenbered there was a attic relief fan in the attic and the home has no soffitts nor a ridge or gable vent,after checking the chimmey ,flue pipe and water heater for obstruction and found all clear i checked draft and found that the attic relief fan was causing a back draft on the hot water heater,afer shutting off the attic relef all was fine ,just another lesson about exhaust fans ,chimmies and CO and attic ventalation ,funny thing is that ventelator has been in for about 13 years and about 10 years of it was not running ,So please check those chimmeys for back draft when you see one of those attic relief fans in a roof line and no gable ,roof or ridge vents do a little dective work and close the homes windows and check for proper draft on all appliances venting into the chimmey peace and good lucl clammy
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  • Mark Hunt_2
    Mark Hunt_2 Member Posts: 80
    Excellent post Clammy

    Test, test, test!!

    Mark H
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