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constant circulation

Bob_36Bob_36 Posts: 83Member
I want to apply constant circulation to my system. I have a T50 Munchkin with ci rads. The p1 and p2 pumps are controlled through the controller for priority for the indirect. What I want to ask is, what is the best method for controlling the zone pumps when the indirect calls for heat. Being the piping is pri/sec, when p2 calls for heat and p1 shuts off, will the zone cics just loop around through the closely spaced tees and not interfere with p2 operation. Thanks for any info.


  • Ted_9Ted_9 Posts: 1,718Member

    If you follow the manufacturers piping recommondations, you will be fine.

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  • Bob_36Bob_36 Posts: 83Member

    I guess what I want to know is, when the p1 shuts off to let the indirect heat up, will that section of pri/sec piping stop the flow of water to the zones that are still on const. circ? If so, then I can just tie all the zones together and flip a switch to turn them on independantly of the Munchkin. Am I on the right track or am I missing something?
  • clammyclammy Posts: 2,257Member
    easy constant circ

    If your munchkin is piped according to HTP pri/sec with recomended flow check valves on both indirect pump and boiler pump (supply and return stops any migrating) and is equipted with the vision one kit with a outdoor sensor then if your zone pump is running and the P1 circ is off and your indirect is calling if piped correctly there should be no promblem as for controlling the zone pump just get a simple ranco set point controller with a remote sensor set the control to turn your zone pump on when your outdoor temp is below 68 and your munchkin will just ride the outdoor reset in the vision one promgram and the p1 pump will cycle with the burner to maintain the indoor thermostat temp if you set the reset curve close to to the heat lose and emitters ratings you'll get a very nice system operation but there's alot of small things to look at like is the home just 1 zone of heat or is it split up with mirco zones then balancing can be a issue.peace and good luck clammy
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