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Need a pool heater/dehumidifier?

So I am attempting to sell it for him. Yes I get some $ for the service, if it sells. I looked at the purchase invoice and he paid like $9450 for it. Yet another do it yourselfer faces the realities of life.



  • kal_2
    kal_2 Member Posts: 60

    why did he buy it and why is he selling it???

    if he bought it to dehumidify a pool room that happens to also be very hot all the time (eg pool in sunlit atrium) then fine, else it will neither dehumidify the air nor heat the pool properly – or chill the air in the pool room, uncomfortably – and perhaps freeze up the unit, there is no free lunch

    all this nonsense – when vacuum tube solar panels are getting cheaper every day and the sun is just waiting to be used – and the creator is expending millions of gigawats per nanosecond and wondering why in the name of sam hill aren’t we using this gift???
  • All good questions

    It has a reheat coil so it will dehumidify without chilling the air. It's actually quite sophisticated. I BELIEVE he said he had the control for it too but I'm waiting to hear back on the double check.

    He bought it through his initial "pool guy" only to have a falling out with him and never finish the project. He's a banker turned builder and learned a lesson with this one. he controls his temper much better these days. LOL...

    If it's any consolation, I just finished my morning laps in the neighbor's pool with the two 4' x 12' ABS solar panels I rigged for them. It may not be vacuum tube but the water sure was warm coming out the other end. ;)

    FYI, the solar is supplemented by a W/M pool heat exchanger off their boiler. They didn't want to go full tilt solar. The boiler doesn't run much once the pool gets up to temp. The solar maintains nicely but unless the sun and clouds cooperate it has a hard time bringing it up. It IS a bit undersized but it's still free heat. My neighbors love me. They can't get over the fact that they are in their pool by the middle of May now. I say solar heated water feels better than boiler heated water. Don't ask me why.

    Oh, the seller is not the neighbor, we're talking about two different pools here. I'm not sure WHAT the seller ever did to condition his pool room or heat his pool. I'm just trying to help him with maybe getting some of his money back out of it. $1500 for that thing is a steal, but only to the right buyer.
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    the ebay picture doesnt show the condensing unit..

    i assume it's included?
    how will this be shipped?
    is the warranty transferable?

    ps - your id "MPF" is what you get when you don’t type anything in - a quirk of this forum's software
  • Condenser...

    It is water cooled by the pool water so there is no separate condenser. The unit is self contained and ready to go. I BELIEVE you can attach an air cooled condenser if you want but it's not necessary if you have a pool pump system to hook it into. All the paperwork is with it BTW. I imagine we'd have to find a coomon carrier to ship it on. I haven't looked into it that far yet. I'm afraid that, given the age of the unit even though it was never installed, that any warrantees would have expired by now. I cannot personally guarantee it. All I can guarantee is it has never been hooked up and has never been run. It DOES require a secondary pump according to what I was reading.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Sorry to Intrude....

    Dectron would have been a GREAT choice. We use it for total climate control in enclose pool rooms that you find in peoples living rooms or and expensive ceder enclosure that CAN'T have any condensation on the walls. Water cooled is not the best way to go since it will only cool and dehumidify using heat rejection. Dectrons use actually 2 condenser coils. For deHumidification, we don't want the sensible heat being wasted since we need to keep the pool air temp 2* higher than the water temp. RH% generally at 50 to 55%.
    When and if cooling is needed, heat rejection is the answer to the load that had built up. Remember the room is like a glass of water with Ice in it. Why do you think it sweats.....Outside air is humid and will condense on cooler surfaces. The only time when that unit should heat the actual pool water is in the De Humidification mode.

    My .02

    Mike T.
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    after lots of research...

    The “dry-air” unit with it's simultaneous 3 way heat rejection and keeping the air 2f above the pool is the best way to go – best local support too, best warranty, and a lot less than the desert air
  • I'm not sure you guys are following...

    Just so we're clear. This unit (Poolpak) switches itself from rejecting heat to the pool to rejecting the heat back into the air depending on what's called for. If the room is warm enough it will reject to the water, if the room is below desired temp it will reject at least a portion of the heat back into the airstream via a reheat coil to prevent any further cooling of the area.
  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 552
    Dry Aire

    I've installed a couple of Dry Aire dehumid systems and they work great. With the remote condensing unit, 3 way valves, and auto changeover thermostat they maintain temp and humidity levels without any homeowner adjustments year round. It'll switch to heat rejection in the middle of winter if need be or add heat in the middle of summer. Maintains a very constant temp/Rh.

    Not familiar with Pool Pak or Dectron. Research tells me Dectron is state of the art and available in large commercial sizes.

    I think your guy overpaid at $9500. It's quite a steal at $1500. Don't understand the water cooled condenser. No way enough Btu's to heat the pool so why not reheat room air with the condenser? If I had a current buyer I might be interested and do a little more research into that unit.
  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 552
    Okay, I think I got it

    So this guy has full size pool water in-outs and a hot gas to pool water HX built in? MPF, I think we were posting simultaneously. It doesn't sound like that bad of a setup.
  • Yup,

    That's right. I BELIEVE it is meant to reject to the pool as heat as it's available and it DOES require additional pool heating. This guy now tells me he also has some sort of heater pac that goes with it. I'm not sure if it heats pool room air or pool water though and I don't know how it heats either. That $9500 was retail plus 6% tax. I'm pretty sure it included the control which he is trying to find. I'm not up on the heater pac story at all. He sprung it on me after the ebay went up.
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