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appt w/2nd wk in lcl union

The union does have many bennifits, you will definitely learn alot and meet many interesting characters. Take full advantage of the extra education they offer. I learned how to weld, rig heavy equiptment,signal cranes, braze medical gas piping and the list keeps going. Good luck


  • theprentice
    theprentice Member Posts: 26
    apptc w/2nd wk in lcl union/wow

    i just finished my second week of work with one of our local union contractors on a large resort complex in a mountain town. i'm a two year apprentice but had never work on something of this scale before. holy &$^# is all i have to say. i thought i knew some stuff and being there i realized real quick that i know nothing. very frustrating. i'm learning a ton already and working with all these individuals has me excited about what awaits me in the future. i will say one thing, on breaks and lunch i get to hear some of the craziest stories from these lifetime unioners. everyday is a challenge and i can see that drive getting old everyday but i think i'm in it for the long haul. and i think i'll love it.
  • Rich Kontny_4
    Rich Kontny_4 Member Posts: 73
    Not Just The Projects

    Compared to working in smalll shops you will get the opportunity to work with different mechanics with varied skills and experience.Over time you can learn a great deal from them!
  • Tony Conner_2
    Tony Conner_2 Member Posts: 443
    Piping Is...

    ... a HUGE field. Nobody knows everything - there's just too much. There's always more to learn. Check out the shots of this refinery construction project in India. Imagine how many miles of pipe there are.

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