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Water quality for steam heat system

Al Letellier_9Al Letellier_9 Posts: 929Member
You should only have to worry about PH, Keep it neutral. Once you fill the boiler and bring it to steam, you will disolve all the minerals and drive out all the oxygen. Make sure all the vents are working properly. IF the system is operating normally and all vents work, you should almost never have to add water to the system. You can use any simple PH test kit (like those used for pools) and test the water annually.


  • SheilaSheila Posts: 26Member
    Water quality for steam heat system


    I know that water chlorides and ph level can lead to early boiler death (we have a one-pipe gas-fired residential steam system). What levels of each are safe and what can we do if we have unsafe levels? Can we test for these? We've considered a whole house water filter. Would this be helpful? Any answers/comments would be much appreciated.

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