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beckett burner

rich_40rich_40 Posts: 4Member
Beckett Burner AFG won't fire normally, A burner tech told me I needed to install a fresh air boot . The basement is open enough and I believe it getsenough air from basement, cracks in basement, crack under upstairs dooretc, however burner will not fire and continue to fire unless transformer is cracked open to let in more air. Does this sound like an air boot will correct or is it just an adjustment error?


  • Could be,

    but man don`t rely on door cracks and such, give-it proper combustion air.

  • Bruce StevensBruce Stevens Posts: 133Member
    Sometimes you just need

    a second opinion and I would look to the top of the page and click Find A Professional, if no one is near you let us know where you live and there might be someone here without an ad. Whether or not need an air-boot can be determined with a draft gauge but opening the transformer will not let more air in the room for combustion. My guess is that cracking the Transformer is changing something other than the air flow to jeep it running.
  • If you think about it,

    The transformer is BEYOND the fan, in the schematic of things.

    This means that there is LESS air across the nozzle and F-head, with the transformer lifted.

    You need someone that understands this, and the effect that it has on combustion.

    You have a problem that needs someone that can make adjustments based on what his combustion test equipment indicates.

  • Steamhead (in transit)Steamhead (in transit) Posts: 6,688Member
    I'll second that

    The problem may be too much air. But if adjustments are made without proper digital test equipment, you're guessing- and that's a very bad thing to do with combustion equipment.

    Where are you located? I'm sure we have someone who can help you. Becketts are usually pretty straightforward in the hands of a good heating man.

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  • Rocky_3Rocky_3 Posts: 224Member
    sounds like too much air

    By lifting the transformer you actually cut the amount of air going down the blast tube. If this allows it to fire, then the air band on the burner is too far open, in effect blowing out the spark. by lifting the transformer, you are bypassing some of this air, which allows the spark to stay intact igniting the fuel. Try cutting the air band on the burner back to see if it will light without having to open the transformer. If it will, then you need to get someone in there to do a combustion test to reset the air properly.
    Hope this helps,
  • WeezboWeezbo Posts: 6,232Member
    i would say BLAM! is not Good.

    Should the burner fail to ignite and more people push the reset ...there can be things that occur that you would find somewhat exhilarating and likely unprepared for the consequences...You would be better off finding someone who does this type of work for a living than playing about with the transformer...10,000-11,000V arc jumps across the posts on that particular piece of hardware..unless of course it is fornicated with and arcs to ground ..say,...through one of your fingers..then you would possibly come to the conclusion that watching the stars go by within your basement was nice and all, buh'd be better off calling a tech.

    Trust me. not all ignition transformers are the same. however,..what is good advise for one can pretty much be good advise for all.

    run away stack fires can occur from improper combustion and excess oil....don't play mr.fix it, as it will likely screw the thing up completely in the process.
    air and Oxygen are not the same animal either, dedicated outside air is a good ting . that means your burner guy may have been on the mark on that side of the ticket..

    The Ladds here will tell you that there are far more minor technicalities than more or less air in the firing of oil equipment. that the burner did Ignite may have nothing to do with more or less air in the equation..if your electrodes are finding a way through ground or if you provide them a means to ground through the oil nozzle you could also Get ignition...
    point is, there is a reason we like Riello's :) sorry , i digress.... when your ignition transformer plate is let to spring open and it fires a number of things are going may be that the air is blasting out the sides of that plate Cooling the transformer on enough that it will run...i dont want to go too much deeper into this i am on the good foot to town right quick,..Pick up the telephone call someone a bit more familiar with the devise.
  • A test for the problem

    You ultimately may need an outside combustion air source to provide optimum operating conditions, however you need to verify NOW if that is your problem NOW.

    Many times a service tech responds to a "logical fallacy". A is not proper or correct and B is happening,,,, so A must be causing B.

    He may not be taking into consideration all of the factors:

    Does A normally cause B.

    What other problems can cause B that may not be related to A.

    Exactly how is A causing B.

    And most important, what definitive test can you do to verify that A is actually causing B now.

    Your test:

    Tighten you ignition transformer down properly. Open all of your basement doors and windows and fire the burner. If the problem persists, an outside air intake will not solve the problem you have NOW.

    Personally, if lifting the transformer alleviates the symptoms, I do not think that an OA intake boot will have any affect. I think that you may have other adjustment or combustion related problems.

    Also, please let us know what results were obtained performing the combustion tests. (The actual readings are needed). From that we can probably tell you where to go next.

    Ed Carey
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