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Keeprite Ignition Problem

EmpireEmpire Member Posts: 2,343
The finger test is not always the best way to determine if gas is flowing, and that's how eye brows get burned:-) What was the incoming gas pressure, Manifold pressure and are the gas lines sized properly? Your question has only more Questions from us that need to be answered.

Mike T.


  • PeterGriffinPeterGriffin Member Posts: 79
    All ports not lighting

    We've hooked up a few portables that already have KeepRite 100kBTU furnaces installed. Our jobs were to install gas lines to the furnace and commission.

    When trying to light the furnaces, only the first, and on the other furnace, only the first two ports we're igniting. I put my finger over the orifice to see if gas was coming out of the orifice and there was. After the boss lit the unlit ports with a bbq lighter, and letting them run for a while, the functioned fine.

    Any reason why? I would think there is dust or something in the orifices, but they were firing just as strong as the first and second ports and the flame looked good.


  • Big EdBig Ed Member Posts: 170
    After you check the pressure....

    ....make sure the venting is correct.
  • PeterGriffinPeterGriffin Member Posts: 79
    I like my eyebrows = )

    I will definitely not use the finger method any more, I realize it was stupid. Gas lines were sized according to the B149.5 (canada code.) I will have to check gas pressures when we go back. I am reluctant to blame the gas pressure because both furnaces were firing on there own just fine when we left, but I will be back there to check numbers.

    What effect could the venting have on this? too much draft?

    Thanks again, I'm lovin' the wall, so much information!
  • MitchMitch Member Posts: 955
    if these

    are tab lock inshot type burners with te cross over wings..check the wings. A small amout of gas is supposed to flow into them and carry the gas over to the next burner. Spider webs, dust lint etc will block the cross over and hence no ignition.

    Keeprite is using the HW smart valve II with a pilot assy right? hate that system.
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