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Watts RadiantPEX

hr Member Posts: 6,106
excessive sunlight or UV may cause it to disapper ;)

Remember, external EVOH barriers will slow, not stop, O2 permeation.

That tube may have a O2 Permeability "standard number" along with the writting?

For best protection, tube with an aluminum layer are a better choice. PAP's FostaPex and the current Watts Onix and Watts "Alex" products all use the aluminum layer to that advantage.

Unlike the early radiant tubing days PB, Entran, water pex, etc. We learned, at a high and ongoing price, not to ignore the reason for and results of non barrier tube.

Keep in mind the higher the water temperature, the greater the O2 ingress. Another good reason to always use tube with the aluminum layer for HW baseboards or other high temperature applications.

hot rod

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  • Maine Ken
    Maine Ken Member Posts: 531
    Oxygen Barrier

    Does Watts RadiantPEX have an O2 barrier? Visited a jobsite today and the orange pex was "Watts RadiantPEX" and it was written "Oxygen Permeability" That sounds to me like it is permeable! I went to their web site and couldn't locate a satisfactory answer.

    Maine Ken

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  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    No Worries

    The radiant Pex HAS an O2 barrier.

    WattsRadiant will always be Heatway to me, much like Uponor will always be Wirsbo.

    If you never met Dan or Mike Chiles......make a point to do so. Two people that are dedicated to the industry AND they surround themselves with some of the BEST the industry has to offer. RUSS ROSE ROCKS!!!!

    Mark H

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  • Unknown
    I would certainly hope so Ken,

    as I have alot of it in too! I`m in Canada and had a tough time finding anything about the OEM 170(Watts) LWCO that our wholesalers handle, but after complaining it`s there. Makes me wonder if someone is asleep at the switch, ya know?

  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
    Hi Dave

    Hi Dave, The OEM170 LWCO is actually made by Hydrolevel.
  • Unknown

    OK Bob, Thanks I will remember that!
    While you`re here, got any suggestions for Caleffi products?, I asked at my supplier and got a "deer in the headlights" look. Great product, but I can`t sell what`s not available to me, and this is Wolseley.
    Heck,,I can`t even get pricing on the new Taco 3 speed circ!

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