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For Father's on Memorial Day

Rich Kontny_4Rich Kontny_4 Posts: 73Member
Words can't describe how you must feel! Sounds like your son has found his calling.

As the dad of a son who graduated top of his Drill Seargent's class both physically and academically last July I know the sense of pride you are experiencing.

Please thank your son for serving and thank you for sharing!

R. Kontny


  • Floyd_42Floyd_42 Posts: 3Member
    It'a amazing how things can change...

    A little over two years ago, my son was on the bottom looking up, heavily involved with drugs and drinking.
    Fri. he graduated from basic at Ft. Knox, AND received the highest award, the Abrams Award for being the best recruit in the company, 143 men that graduated of Fri.
    I must say that I was one proud Dad to have my son be the only one to give the only speech, given by a recruit.
    Even though he jioned the Army to get away from the many problems that he created for himself at home, he decided to be the Best that he could be, and do this just the way he has been taught to do anything...the best.
    Dad's, don't ever give up on your children, hug them, pray for them, and support never know...
    I have lost for now, a man that can build the most amazing heating systems, but he is blossoming and growing in many other ways, and I will continue to support him....

  • hot_rodhot_rod Posts: 11,260Member
    Great news, Floyd

    You should both be proud. Thanks for the update, we wish him well.

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • John BarbaJohn Barba Posts: 166Member

    Now that's inspiring! Thanks for sharing -- heating's loss is America's gain.

  • Scott KneelandScott Kneeland Posts: 158Member

    Congrats to your son, we are all very proud. I know your support is what guided him thru it.

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  • Uni R_3Uni R_3 Posts: 299Member
    Congrats to both father and son...

    I guess he'll now have to think of pro-press as being how his dress uniform needs to look and an indirect fired tank is when you lob a round over a hill from your tank without the target actually being in the sites. ;-)

  • seabee570seabee570 Posts: 89Member

    How proud to have a son do well right out of the gate...You did a great job with your son floyd...Good luck to him in his military career....
  • Jim PompettiJim Pompetti Posts: 552Member
    When the going gets tough

    The tough get going ." AIRBORNE "That the highest praise I know
  • Tom HopkinsTom Hopkins Posts: 539Member
    Proud Papa

    > The tough get going ." AIRBORNE "That the highest

    > praise I know

  • Tom HopkinsTom Hopkins Posts: 539Member
    Proud Papa

    > The tough get going ." AIRBORNE "That the highest

    > praise I know

  • Tom HopkinsTom Hopkins Posts: 539Member
    Proud Papa

    Congratulations to the both of you, Floyd. I remember having a great chat with the two of you way back at Wetstock Chicago on the bus to Weil-McLain. He was all excited to be working on a Nascar pit crew in the near future back then. Ahh, the exuberance of youth. I enjoyed my conversation with him and remember it well. I felt a closeness to the two of you when you posted pics of his installs with pride a couple of years later. A chip off the old block I thought.

    Young people today are faced with a lot of uncertainty. A lot of temptation. I'm so glad he found a path that gave him the opportunity to to excell on his own terms in a group of his own peers. The lessons learned while "working with the old man" will serve him well as he forges ahead with his career in the military. Floyd, you have as many reasons to be proud of yourself as you have to be proud of him. A big swing and a four bagger for the Kolb boys from Pennsylvania. Hell, I'm proud just to know ya'.

    Tom Goebig
  • Floyd_42Floyd_42 Posts: 3Member
    Thanks, everyone....

    Just talked with Isaac tonight and he sounds like he has really found something there...has grown up so much in the last 2 months....
    He said tonight that he felt he could stay clean now..."rehab gave me the soul and will to stay clean, but now I have a REASON to stay clean" He really sounds like he has something to live for now and a reason to keep himself out of trouble.

    Can't thank you's enough for the encouragement!!!

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