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He Shoots,,He Scores,,But Who Will Win?

my interest in the <i>"good ole hockey game"</i> isn`t what it used to be(too many teams nowdays), but when the season playoffs are close to an end (especially this-one), I get curious!<BR>Who do you <i><b>think</b></i> will win??<BR><BR>Keep-it clean now, we are all <i><b>supposed</i></b> to be friends here! <BR><BR>Dave


  • the Chicago Wolves

    Chicago Wolves are out of the playoff, beaten by the Hamiton Bulldogs.... Wolves been in the playoffs in 12 out of 13 years with 3 championships.... How many other teams done that? Now I hope the Bulldogs win the championship against the Hershey Bears, last year champ. This is the AHL, one step below the nhl, better hockey teams to watch without being ripped off..
  • Robert O'Connor_12Robert O'Connor_12 Member Posts: 724
    Go Devil's!

    I was hoping the Devil's were gonna do it "again" but I must admit they were beaten by a better team.

    So now..........?

    Here are some pic's of the New Jersey Devil's not yet completed arena that I'm currently working on, being built in "beautiful" downtown Newark New Jersey.

    Robert O'Connor/NJ
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