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Signing off for a week SE)

Steve Ebels_3
Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
The good looking half and I are leaving at 5 this afternoon for Guatemala. We're going with daughter Susan and hubby Mike to pick up their "new" baby boy, Elijah Steven Yount, in Guatemala city. He's actually a little "used" being all of 8 months old. Mike and Sue have 3 daughters of their own, all tall for their ages, blond haired and blue eyed. Elijah is full blooded Mayan, is dark of hair, complexion and eye and will probably wind up to be about 5'4" tall. The poor little dude is going to stick out like a sore thumb in our family but we'll love him just the same.

This will be the first week off I've taken since 2003........I don't quite know how to act. My head keeps thinking of all the jobs, people to call, quotes that need to be done.........you all know the drill........But I'm sure I'll forget about it once I see my new grandson!!!

We were supposed to get at least 5 days notice before we had to travel. Didn't work that way. About the 20th of May, Sue received word that the paperwork was at the embassy and we would have a date within two weeks. That passed and then we heard the embassy lost some paperwork and there was no way to tell when it would be. (Mike and Sue were going crazy at this point) Yesterday morning Sue got a phone call from the adoption agency that we had to be there on Monday, as in, THIS MONDAY!! Turned out the embassy hadn't lost the paperwork, someone there just neglected to forward the info to the adoption agency. After we got the ladies calmed down we managed to find a flight and make all the arrangements within just a couple hours. It was chaos but fun.

I hope to be back next Saturday or Sunday with another grandkid. Pictures to follow.

Anyone been to Guatemala and have some sight seeing recommendations?


  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866

    never been there but, I here the ancient pyramids are amazing. Most seem to be in the middle of the jungle now, but at one point the Mayan civilization stretch thousands of miles, with roads, farms and structures. At least until they heard the Europeans were coming, then they literally "disapeared" and the jungle took over.
    Actually , I the theory is they used up to much of their natural resources, then drought , and famine,and government collapsed well before the Spainards showed up.
    Any way , have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy the new addition!

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