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The Ducks Win!!

Al Letellier_9
Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
Excited here in Portland as the Ducks' farm club is here (Portland Pirates). There were at least 7 guys on that team that played here last year, including the PPG line of Perry, Getzlaff and Penner. It is so exciting to see these young guys make the big dance and do so well. Hopefully the winning spirit will ooze out to Portland so we can have a good year next season.


  • Congratulations Anaheim fans,,

    the best team won,,as for us Canadians,,oh-well, there`s always next year!

  • but there's Bulldogs..

    Hamilton Bulldogs are one away to win the Chadler Cup and the Canadians will have the bragging rights til the Chiacago Wolves get it next year...
  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    See... Movies do come true...

    The Mighty Ducks.... were bound for this destiny. Just watch the movie and you'll understand why.

    OK folks; which is the next Disney movie that will come true?


  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Won WHAT?

    Who are these "Ducks" you speak of?

    An OLD hockey fan who stopped watching when the league got saturated with "expansion teams". And is still a BRUINS fan...even after their miserable season! Chris
  • Me too Chris,

    I seldom watch anymore,,,the "good-old days" seem to be gone. I`d like to see a goalie stop a shot without going down,,,that seems to have left with Gerry Cheevers, Ken Dryden, Roggie Vachon etc.,,,remember them?

  • portland .....

    The ducks used to have the next lower level ( I hate the term "farm" ) in Cinnattic (sp) before moving to Portand... Anyone wants pro hockey at reasonable prices.. Go to Ahl games... They play for love of the game, not sitting pretty and greedy about the money as in nhl...
  • That's cool...

    Let me tell you a little Ducks story while we're on the subject. I live near Hartford and one thing I loved to do was go see the Whalers play. Anyhoo, when the Ducks were a new franchise and the movie had just been around they came to Hartford to play the Whalers. Now, the Hartford people are SO STUPID they think the Ducks on the ice are the same ones in the movie so here are all these parents with their kids that came to see the Ducks because of the movie. Consequently, every time the Whalers score, the crowd boos, and everytime the Ducks score the crowd goes beserk. So there were the hapless Whalers getting booed for scoring at their own rink. It was truly one of the strangest games I'd ever been to. ;)
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    Gump Worsley. (Sadly, he passed away about 3 months ago)

    The last GOALIE to face the puck...sans MASK!

    Gerry Cheevers, the inventer of the "stitchmark" to show where he get's hit...on his mask.
    Ken Dryden...STILL the tallest goalie to ever play the game! The top of the net was only slightly above his waiste...at 3'9"...and he was quick as a fox.

    My time was with the second expansion. I think it was 16 teams...anyone remember the California Golden Seals? They wore white skates....team orders.

    Gump played for the Minnesota North Stars....what the hell does Dallas have to do with hockey? The Florida Panthers???? How much ice did they get in Florida in the last 60,000 years?

    I'm old enough to remember when the Boston Braves..(The Bruins old minor league team...I MEAN OLD!!! late 60's)were sold out to join the NHL as the Atlanta Flames...Dan Bouchard, goalie. They eventually got shipped to Vancouver....to become the Cannucks!Originally, the ugliest uniforms to EVER see the ice!

    When Gordie Howe TRIED to start the World Hockey League... and MOST of those teams got "expansioned" into the NHL when it flopped. Gordie played for the Hartford Whalers, as did Teddy Green...an ex-Bruin who suffered an almost life ending blow to the head only 4 years before it happened.

    Personally I think the sport has been "homoginized" and there are too many teams for another Bobby Orr or even Wayne Gretzky to shine. The "standardazation of the rink size has made it look like 10 guys skating in an area large enough for another 10...AT LEAST!. Remember the old haunts? Boston Garden had a rink about 12 feet shorter than MOST in the league. Madison Square Garden had about the biggest surface in the league when it was up and runing...but Chicago had something right in the middle.

    The teams had to use a different stradegy for almost every different rink!

    Wow! The memories come flooding back...The Bruins 69-70 Standley Cup win. Sanderson to Orr...HE SCORES!!!!

    I also remember when checking was an art...not a felony. Taking a stick to someone got the whole bench on your butt...the courts stayed out of it...and players did things other than "Workout" all summer...until training camp. Hell most of the old Bruins were laborers and landscapers in the off-season...Remember, the TOP players were paid around 20,000 a year..and that was alot of money! Chris

  • Ya, I hear ya Chris,,,

    and I do remember Lorne "Gump" Worsley, Johnny Bower, Terry Sawchuck,, too commercialized now, BIG-MONEY anymore. I also remember the Rangers rink,,Eddie Giacomin played nets almost every game,,I can still hear Danny Gallivan`s commentary from Montreal,,OH WHAT A CANDIDATING SHOT!!,,,don`t get me started,,,,I quit watching seriously when the "padded- pants" tried to make an entrance, remember,,,,,

  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246

    The only Duck I like (yes, I am a Red Wing slappy).
  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    The best hocky today...

    The best hockey today is played at the college level.

    Truth be told - I've never been a pro hockey fan. But have enjoyed a number of Wisconsin Badger hockey games - especially when they are playing a good opponent.

    Its been a few years as I no longer live that close to Madison - but I'd love to see a few more games... and get this: The Badgers Woman hockey team has won the NCAA title two years in a row; and is coached by one of the "miricle on ice" players - who turned pro - and then returned to college hockey as a coach. I'd love to see one of those games as well.

    I have also noticed that often college basketball games are better games than the pro games.

    I know that some of the wallies are from areas that also have great college hockey teams.

  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    I couldn't agree more!

    The "Beanpot Tournement" is about the only time I watch hockey now. The fabulous 4 teams from the Boston colleges play each other every year for the coveted "Beanpot".
    B.C, B.U.,Havard and Northeastern play this series every year...and it's about the best play I see all year...now!

    They play with HEART. Pros seem to play with less....

    They play for the TEAM...Pros seem to play for themselves....

    They play for free..(well, if they're good enough..they play on scholarship....) but they aren't doing it for the dollar, like the PROS are.

    It's a different and more PURE form of the sport for sure. JMHO. Chris
  • Best hockey I ever saw...

    was when they put the pee wees out there between periods. From way up in the cheap seats they looked exactly like a bunch of guppies chasing a piece of bread around. Then finally one kid breaks away, skates all the way down the ice with the puck and scores. The crowd went crazy. ;)
  • Hey, Hey, MPF,

    nothing personal,,,but have you ever seen a REAL OLD-TIME hockey game? Not trying to sound like a "typical" loser, but this game WAS not played this way! It`s all about the MONEY now.

  • hey Perry.....

    May we meet in Milwaukee during the next Ahl hockey season? I go up there to watch my beloved Wolves vs the Admirals. Sorry to say this, Milwaukee fans are one of the worst with fans attitute.. They don't have the concept of being a sporting fan.... At the last playoff game, there were more Wolves fans traveled there than their own home team... I heard its the same at the Brewers baseball games. But I'm not gonna let this stop us from meeting each other...
  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    Definitely a possibility...

    It'd be a good reason to get together.

    Concerning Milwaukee fans... I'm not a real expert as its been years since I've been to any game in Milwaukee. But talking to some people who go down a lot it seems like there are two kinds of fans...

    1) Those who don't have a clue about sportsmanship and just having fun.

    2) Those that can appreaciate a good team and understand sportsmanship.

    For some reason - the second group seems to be less likely to show up for many games (of any sport) - or maybe they are just less vocal.

    However, ask the Cleaveland Indians about the Milwaukee fans (OK - the tickets were only $10). When the Indians needed a place to "host" 3 games where the weather could not interfere - on like 1 days notice. Milwaukee delivered something like 15,000 fans on less than 1 days notice, and then substaintail numbers the next several days. It was too bad I was working long hours when that was going on. That would have been a lot of fun.

    Let me know the probably schedule of the games and I'll get it into my calandar.

  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246

    Anyone name this year's CHA national champs?

    None other than my alma mater: Michigan State University.

    (No brag -- just fact.)
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