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MPO with indirect ( Ron Jr. )

Supply House Rick
Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404
I sold Burnham for years and still know some of the people. Fortunately we parted ways amicably. I hold Glenn, Dave Benham & Steve Z in the highest regards and I would love the opportunity to sell Burnham again...

Great products, great people!

Once again, great install!



  • This install was in Shirley , NY

    Around 40 to 45 miles from the shop . About 1/3 of that is lights and crappy traffic .

    Check out the tile work . The homeowner is a NYC cop and installs custom kitchen countertops with the family part time . He actually saved up all the scraps from past jobs and laid them down throughout the basement . Although it don't match , I really think it works . Most of the marble is 1 1/2 inch thick - you could drop a cannon ball on the floor and it wouldn't crack . And the whole floor was dead level . The homeowner does amazing work .

    The last pic is the turn to the basement . The main reason we want the MPO in a knockdown version .
  • MPO 147 and 50 gallon Contender

    Found out around 4 pm that the Contender had a leak . One we couldn't fix . In the middle of nowhere . The homeowner was very understanding and didn't mind waiting another day for hot water .

    The first day was Phil , Sal and myself . I went back today to swap out the indirect and pipe a radiant zone . The homeowner laid down HePex through the kitchen and living room and put down some beautiful tile on top . This guy is really a jack of all trades and master of every one . Did all the sheetrock , spackle , paint . And of course , custom countertops and backsplashes . While we were working he was hand making cabinets for the living room - everything he did looked fantastic . A fellow Polish American , he's been here since he was 12 years old .

    We wanted to change the swing out door orientation on the MPO but for some reason one of the bolt holes didn't line up . We changed it back to the original swing and it lined up fine .

    We had to do our best for a homeowner like this . A real nice guy too .
  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 552
    As usual!

    pretty as a picture. Now you know why I questioned the Contender the last time,been there and done that(twice)

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  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    SWEET!..I started to think during the first post...If this guy doesn't consider some radiant heat under all that mass...He's gotta be crazy!

    The tile looks like something out of the "Godfather", but it has a design and mission.
    This is someone I would appreciate working for...as much as HE returned that "respect".

    Nice job Ron....Keep them coming...and all of us inspired.

    (So I'm guessing you're just hanging out tonight....After a couple of days like that, I know I'd be!) Chris
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    That install

    is a fine complement to the beautiful tile work. Of all your install pics I've seen, this is far and away the best. A roomful of master craftsmanship- what could be better?

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    absolutely beautiful,,man where do you find these people? LOL!!

  • Uni R_3
    Uni R_3 Member Posts: 299
    Sweet Ron!

    You made me recall I place I looked at when I was searching houses 14 years ago. Every floor was tiled... and the basement was finished all in tile - even the walls, you could have hosed it out after a party. Totally Italian with a huge archway leading to the downstairs "real" kitchen...

    But that tile downstairs would have felt nasty in the winter with the forced air. Finding a home with a boiler around here was like getting a good picture of Nesse.

    You did the owner proud.
  • As usual.

    beautiful work, Ron.

    I like the tile, but terazzo is my favorite. Too bad you don't see it around more often.
  • mike santoro
    mike santoro Member Posts: 3

    Finally , one of the more bigger closets for you in a long time . Dont ya just love open bsmts? good stuff keep it coming pal.
  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    Nice work

    As usual Ron.

    Who do you work for. Name of co.?
    Why don't you have a FAP ad?

    My sister-in-law lives in Centereach. Needs a new boiler soon, and I would add a indirect, she has coil now. Real tight room too! Too far for me. Do you service that area?

    Email me if you want. Thanks.

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  • Supply House Rick
    Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404
    Ron Great Install

    Being a Burnham fan you have done them proud! Nice job...

  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    he is about...

    50 min. from there. ...I think. You couldn't have a better guy. Ron where was the Contender leaking? I have only had to replace one (after a year or so) and it was leaking on the coil....kpc

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  • Yeah , it was a tough

    pill to swallow - especially if it was in a customer's home who insisted on hot water that day . Thankfully we've only had a handful of leakers on install in my lifetime , all of them boilers .

    Thanks Robert .
  • I think he said

    he put the tiles down before deciding on radiant for the 1st floor . To tell you the truth , the way he was talking about that floor it might just be temporary .

    Couldn't stay home all night . Went to meet my sister and her boyfriend at the local watering hole to hang for a while and shoot some pool . I needed a few drinks to take the pain outa my back . My sister just flew in to JFK with my other sister and niece . They just missed that bomb plot , scary stuff .

    Thanks alot Chris .
  • Frank

    Thanks man . I wish the circ tees came out of the boiler straight though . I woulda made a swing joint , but keeping all that weight level while tightening it becomes a pain . Thanks again .
  • scott markle_2
    scott markle_2 Member Posts: 611

    Who makes those nice looking stainless manifolds? , You might want to tell the HO that copper strap hangers are probably not a good idea for pex.
  • I forgot to ask

    how he found out about us . He was a non customer and buys his oil from another company . Thanks Dave .
  • The manifolds

    were made by Slant Fin . Very stingy on the instructions that come with it . Nowhere does it say what orientation the return manifold with the flow meters has to be . We mounted it with the meters pointing down . The straps were temporary . He's going to insulate all the pex and copper and restrap .

    Thanks Scott .
  • Uni R

    Was the homeowner in the tile business ? It takes alot of work to do it and do it right . I put down my first tiles in my bathroom last year . I decided to lay them in on a 45 degree angle from the wall and offset them . Very big mistake for the first try . The tilework itself came out prety good , but those crazy compound cuts drove me up a wall .

    Thanks alot Uni R .
  • Alan

    Yeah , we don't see terrazo too much either . The homeowner told us it took him just about a week to lay all the tile , by himself . The basement was about 30 by 50 and it was tiled from end to end . That kind of project woulda drove me insane . Thanks Alan .
  • Mike

    I love open basements . It's hard to beat standing up straight most of the day . The sad thing is we see maybe 1 open basement out of 20 or 30 jobs .

    Thanks Mike .
  • Singh

    I work for Meenan Oil . I talked to the higher up about getting listed last Sept . I'm going to talk to them again about it soon .

    Yep , we service Centerreach . Probably about 30 miles from our shop . A few of my cousins live there . I'll send you an email .

    Thanks alot Singh for the compliment and the lead .
  • Ron

    Another beautiful job! I've been meaning to ask you. Now that you have a few MPO's under your belt, are you running these with the baffles installed and I'm curious what you are achieving for combustion results? I'm working on your requests for a Knocked Down version and I'll keep you in the loop as to whether that will happen or not.

    Glenn Stanton

    Manager of Technical Development

    Burnham Hydronics

    U.S. Boiler Co., Inc.
  • Al Corelli_2
    Al Corelli_2 Member Posts: 395
    Just Checking in...

    Ron, I think you've outdone yourself with this one.


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    Al Corelli, NY

  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    You may have already discovered this, but when laying tile diagonally I find it much easier to set all of the field (full) tiles first and let dry. Then make all of the cut pieces and butter them to install. For cutting diagonals I prefer a score-and-snap cutter to a wet saw.

    If you think diagonal layout was tough, try random layout some day. First time I did a random layout it was in a large "L" shaped space. Bad idea. Despite my best efforts I had to make a "correction" (continuous) grout line across one leg of the "L". Nobody else saw a problem, but it still bugs me every time I look at it.
  • Thanks Rick

    Although it is time consuming to take it all apart to get it in the basement , once it's in place and running it's a damn fine piece of equipment .

    Does your supply house sell this line ? Are the contratractors getting them down with the jackets on ?
  • This one leaked

    right on the outside of the return port . A sloppy weld . No way this passed inspection if a test was done . Quality control is going down the tubes for sure .

    Thanks Kevin .
  • That's how I did it

    It took me 2 days . 2 loooong days in our only bathroom . Around the toilet I used the fast drying thinset . And that stuff sets alot faster than the instructions say .

    Thanks for the tip Mike .
  • Glenn

    Yep , we are running them with the baffles . This particular job the stack temp was a tad over 400 . CO2 was a bit low at 11% ( could be I need a shaker bottle recharge ) . All of them so far have been in that range , give or take 50 degrees and 1% CO2 .

    Most of the homes we work in require much less btus than the MPO147 puts out . For some reason the highr ups are leery in using the MPO84 . Can the 147 be downfired ? And by how much ? Any issues with the 2 section MPO ?

    Thanks alot Glenn for the kind words .
  • Thanks Al

    I really appreciate that . Still doing alot of steam work ?
  • Ron

    Thanks for the reply. That seems to be the norm with some differing in stack temps due to chimney variances. There have been no difficulties with the MPO84. The boilers can not be down fired without a resultant dramatic drop in stack temperatures.

    Glenn Stanton

    Manager of Technical Development

    Burnham Hydronics

    U.S. Boiler Co., Inc.
  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 552

    They have no idea of the actual heat loss and are afraid of using a 64K IBR net boiler. I know some people are leery of sizing a boiler to the heatloss and still being able to provide enough BTU's to the indirect,the solution is to use a larger indirect and mixing valve,not oversizing the boiler by 2 or 3 X.I know there are some situations where the hot water load is way beyond the heatloss but you don't see that too often on LI west of the Hamptons

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