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Heating Venturi Tee Installed backwards throughout system!

Al MaendelAl Maendel Posts: 1Member
With the venturi tees facing the wrong direction, do I have any other recourse but to change the flow of the whole heating system? This would be done by exchanging the pumps on the return and making it into a pumping away system - or - will the system actually work as is - which it seems to have done for the last 20 years - but how well?


  • Norm HarveyNorm Harvey Posts: 684Member

    I currently have a job to do,.. thanks for reminding me, where a contractor installed a replacement boiler and mixed up the supply and return pipces for a diverter tee system. This peticular problem manifested itself as no heat in a couple of rooms this winter.

    Swapping the pipes around the way they should be usually isnt a tough job. Its all done in the near boiler piping and should take a few hours. Have a pro do the work and you'll be all set.

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