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please help me help a freind

michael siena
michael siena Member Posts: 53
i have a friend who simply drinks to much. Other guys in my group would like to say somthing to him about his problem and the possiblity of getting help. Has anyone delt with this? I would love some input. thanks!


  • bill nye_3
    bill nye_3 Member Posts: 307

    Look in the phone book for your local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter. Give them a call, I would think they deal with this sort of thing all the time. thanks for caring about your friend.
  • Brad White_172
    Brad White_172 Member Posts: 53
    Don't expect miracles

    As you may know, the person himself has to be the one to want to stop. I agree with Bill, AA is an excellent resource. Not everyones cup of tea (or coffee for that matter), but one cannot argue with success.

    Part of the confrontation ("intervention" is a specific term but useful here), is that you should be prepared RIGHT THEN to take them to rehab, before the temptation to put it off raises it's head. More to it than that, but certainly a non-judgmental confrontation by those the person holds in esteem may wake up this person to his situation. Imagine being so close that one cannot see it.

    Do start with AA and their sister AlAnon programs for the families and friends dealing with such relationships, aftermaths and outcomes. They can best advise.

    I am the son of an alcoholic mother and brother of a drug-addict sister so those are my credentials in this area for what it is worth. Both are dead from their addictions; I say this only as a matter of fact, not of your friend's destiny. But serious this is.

    Only a friend would take this on, Michael. I salute you and the others for it.
  • michael siena
    michael siena Member Posts: 53

    brad i think you are on the right track with obtaining information on rehab centers and ofering to bring him to help right away.
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