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cosmogas combined heatingand portable water heater

clammyclammy Posts: 2,211Member
Well to make a long story short the 2nd floor zone valve is wired open with the end switch not being wired into the boiler tt connection ,why because that the only way the original installer could figure out how to keep the attic hydro coil from freezing no freeze stat was installed on the coil .Also the zone valves are on the return and there is no check valve on the supply piping also as i did locate some info on this unit it's installation direction did indicate that when installing to a sysystem which is multi pumped that hydralic seperation is required (PS PIPNG)Besides that i guess i was on the right track with thinking that this unit would not supply enough hot water as for the storage tank with a aquastat and bronze pump to increase domestic water volume well the electric tank that was installed and wired, well the HO was told that the tank even though it was wired was just a storage tank all in all the HO still thinks the boiler is make there hot water even though the boiler is shut off so the a/c will work ,This is as usual another job installed by some one who 's expensive hack work and expertise in sales and bull far exceeds the ablity of the below standard mechs that he employes and sub to ,but he could sell a rattlesnake a new rattle on another note i looked at this job over 6 years ago anbd the HO did not like my rough estimate and pushed me out the door now aftre over 6 years and living with a inproper installed system and electric and gas bills which should only be connected with amuch larger home his time to pay the piper is coming peace and good luck clammy on another note otheres have posted this contractors unico /munchkin systenm which are plauges with promblem only thing is this guy sells alot of unicos and installs them like garbage
R.A. Calmbacher L.L.C. HVAC
NJ Master HVAC Lic.
Mahwah, NJ
Specializing in steam and hydronic heating


  • clammyclammy Posts: 2,211Member
    Cosmogas conbination unit

    Was wondering what's the opion on this unit was ,this is the first one i have ran into and she loaded with promblems mostly from the install ,they are using the unit to supply heat to 2 small unicos and a single loop of wisbro 1/2 he pex for radiant in 2 baths the unicos coil are controlled by 2 honeywell zone valves and the radiant by a seperate circ,the honeywells are using the boilers pump .The original installation company did return and install what the HO was told was a storage tank but is a 30 gallon elelctric water heater which has been wired and provides them with there domestic hot water which they where and still are unknowning about,as for the unicos and there hot water coils well they never installed any check valves or thermal loops for those circuits so both coils get extreme thermal migration form the the boiler since it maintaines 140 for domestics water .The second floor unico barely cools the rooms because besides the 80 degree return air the hot water coils is baking at about 140 so the return air crossing the evap is only about 115 degrees.On another note the first floor unico whih is installed in the basement has no return to the first floor and pulls all it's return from the basementand all the duct work was just run of the mill 28 and 30 gauge round pipe which leaks because none of the joints where sealed ,besides all those good things going on the real question is what are your thoughts on there boiler it a cosmogas boiler model BTS i believe this unit can through embassy industries .should i attempt to do the necessary boiler piping repairs or advise them to get rid of it and start anew ,will this unit be able to supply domistic hot water for a family of 3 adluts and 3 teen age childern .Aside from the boiler issues the 2 unico sysytems are a total hack .peace and good luck clammy
    R.A. Calmbacher L.L.C. HVAC
    NJ Master HVAC Lic.
    Mahwah, NJ
    Specializing in steam and hydronic heating
  • Jed_2Jed_2 Posts: 781Member

    Why would flo-checks be needed on HWC's to Unico zones with ZV's? No heat call, no flow? Right? Zone Valves pull in the boiler pump. Not familiar with Cosmogas. Wall mount? Modulating? Condensing? Still, a zone valve is a zone valve.

  • Ragu_5Ragu_5 Posts: 315Member

    I've got a few Cosmogas units out there. They are made in Italy and are marketted here by Embassy under the Ambassador label. They are a decent, inexpensive wall mount gas unit; no problems to date. No special controls on them.

    Their "Combi" unit cannot give enough DHW, but you can use their coil to feed an insulated storage tank with a bronze pump, a strap on aquastat and a swing check. Good luck.

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