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Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
"Ugly's Electrical References". Your Q:,...Volts divided by amps on the name plate will give you the Impedance or Ohms. Z = E divided by I or Volts divided by amps = Ohm's. A 1 hp motor @ 115 vac FLA = 16 amps. A 1 HP motor @ 208 vac = 8.8 amps.

Your .7 amps are like you said basically a short. Cycle the motor with your clamp on amp probe on it and you can see what is happening. It will probably trip the breaker.

My .02

Mike T.


  • mike glass
    mike glass Member Posts: 53

    Hey Wallies! Does anyone know what the resistance value in ohms should be between the "hot" and neutral on a 1 hp pump motor? I am reading .7 ohms after the configuration (diagram)on the nameplate of the WEG motor for low voltage (115/208-230) and find the resistance too close to a short to be comfortable. Anyone out there know? The WEG factory tech person asked me what an ohm was! Thanks, Mike
  • Glenn Sossin_2
    Glenn Sossin_2 Member Posts: 592
    Check amperage also - sounds like problem

    I just had a situation where we had to check out some Grundfos UP26-99 115V pumps. It's a 1/6th hp pump 2.15 Amp . The ohm reading was supposed to be 15. I believe the 230V model ws supposed to be around 235 ohms.

    Check you amperage draw. There should be a rating on the motor. If it is significantly higer than the plate, you obvioulsly have a problem which might be indicitive of some shorted motor windings.
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