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Where to Buy Raupex and Everloc - Rehau Products

KindaHandy Member Posts: 1
I am trying to purchase pex tubing made by Rehau. The tubing goes by the name Raupex and the fittings are Everloc. I have tried searching the internet and can not find any place to buy these items online. I have also called my local plumbing supply houses (in Madison, WI) and they either do not stock Rehau products or will not sell to me because I am not a licensed plumber.

Does anyone know of an online source for these products or a mail order company who will sell to someone who is not an official plumber?

Thank you very much.



  • Mark_7
    Mark_7 Member Posts: 123

    RE Michel company has started to handle Rahau on the east coast.
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    So has RST

    Rich Trethewey's company. Not sure at what level (distributor or sales representative) not what the contractor versus HO policy is. That may be at the corporate level, where that is set.
  • Scott Gregg
    Scott Gregg Member Posts: 187
    Rich is a rep

    Noland Company, R. E. Michel Ferguson and Winn Nelson can get it. Trouble is most of them only sell to plumbing and heating contractors.

    Rehau/Everlock is the best. It is professional grade stuff and requires special tools to work with. Most of the time the only reason a homeowner has for wanting to purchase these products online is to try to cut out the contractors profit. They do not have the skills to do the work. This is not fair and they usually end up with second or third-rate contractors doing the work because they are the only ones desperate enough to take a job like that. Then they have a bad job and nobody is happy.

    Smart wholesalers do not sell around their customers. Smart homeowners do not begin a relationship with their contractor by trying to remove money from their wallet up front.
  • Tim_33
    Tim_33 Member Posts: 83
    You local supplier is...

    Ed Sharpe
    (262) 691-5868
    N21 W28689 Louis Ave.
    Pewaukee WI 53072

    If he can't help you, call you closest Ferguson branch.
  • Josh_10
    Josh_10 Member Posts: 787

    It is my understanding that Rehau products are to be sold only to contractors. Don't quote me on that but that is what I heard from my supplier. I suppose it is up to whoever sells it though.

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  • Tim_33
    Tim_33 Member Posts: 83
    At the distributor

    where I sold Rehau and Wirsbo for a few years, there was no restrictions on the tubing/fitting sales. Some customers get special pricing, depending on how much help they would need.

    With the Everloc fittings, you have to have the Rehau assembly tool.
  • erlewis
    erlewis Member Posts: 1
    I am also in Madison and looking for Rehau tools and parts

    I have been searching for Rehau pex tools to no avail.  Raupex also.

    I have learned that Rehau has sold their pex business to Sioux Chief Manufacturing.  Is this really the time to invest in Rehau, is this brand going to disappear?

    I am working WITH my heating contractor who uses Rehau tubes and fittings.  He said he would lend me the tools for the Everloc fittings as I am planning on installing the tubes into the walls and do the actual conversion of one-pipe steam radiators to hydronic.  My contractor will do the final hookup to the condensing boiler he has already installed.  This may be an unusual arragement but he has inspected my existing plumbing work (as have the City inspectors) and is assured that I am up to the task.

    I want to do some potable water plumbing updates also using pex technology so I thought this would be the time to upgrade my tool collection and plumbing skills to include pex.  Of course I will need to obtain additional fittings from time to time and I would prefer to use professional strength supplies such as Rehau.

    I have seen others recommend Wirsbo.  Can a Wirsbo expander be used with Rehau fittings?  I understand that I would still need to find or borrow a Rehau compression tool.  Hopefully a used Comboloc or expansion/compression pair will turn up. 

    This original post is a few years old so I am curious to learn what the professionals out there are saying and thinking about these topics today.

  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    Rehau = good stuff

    We used to use a lot of it and have the tools yet for the larger sizes. It was extremely good quality tubing and the everloc fittings are second to none. The source of supply dried up in our area and I don't know of anyone stocking it around here.
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