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fujusti or mits

I'm one of the first to extoll the virtues of Fujitsu (I represent them in New England) I shouldn't shy away from this one! First off, it is a machine and some of them will break. Prior to buying them find out if the distributor stocks parts. If they do not, you may want to develop a relationship with one who "maintains" an inventory of critical parts. If you go to you can find the part numbers/install/opertion/service for each unit so you know you are ordering the correct part number. Your distributor has access to web parts info which will give a real time inventory status of parts so you know immediately if it is going to be an "issue". This is a recent innovation (5 months)and we continue to train the distributors to access/use this info. In many cases it is an uphill battle. Sometimes that is our fault, not theirs. If there is an availablitiy issue at the point of ordering, it is time to get me or your local rep involved. We may be able to source it from another distributor who has it to get you and your customer taken care of. We do that. We want to help. Fujitsu does stock parts. They are not perfect, but they make damned good equipment, in my humble, but biased, opinion.

No manufacturer is going to offer labor unless they are certain that it is a manufacturing defect and those things are almost always negotiated, by any manufacturer I've worked with. All Fujitsu knows is they have a compressor order. Did anyone file a warranty claim on it? That compressor has a five year warranty on it ('06 product is 6 yrs)and warranty service is available through the distributor to Fujitsu. Absolutely! Clammy, I do not know where you are, but if I can assist you...let me know!


  • clammy
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    suspended cielin mitsubishi or fujusti

    I am looking at a job with my partner for the installation of a flush cieling mount mits pch42.We both find mits and sanyo units to be a pretty dencent stuff with no major promblem and ease for obtaining parts ,but recently i have been hearing alot about fujusti and there equipment but upon a service for a install done by some one else and we where asked to fix 1 of 4 systems which was not working ,the units where only about 2 months old and one compressor was in locked rotor we check the refregerant and it was not burner .We had no luck getting the correct compressor under warranty but recieved the wrong one and where final given a new condensing unit nothing for the waste of time on the original botched comressor attemt .The units worked very well and even though we did not install the units the company that did did do a very nice job .Now here's the question i myself would use a fujusti again and give them another shot but my partner insistes that we do not use them and he referrs to the last bad incounter as his last with fujusti espically since the obtaining of the correct compressor and the 3 to 4 week time span to recieve and to recieve the wrong one and all that hassle is some thing he refuses to deal with .We have installed alot of sanyo and mits and never incountered any promblem and whenever we needed parts there was never a promblem .I would like to get some one elses views on fujusti and avaiablity of obtaining parts on a timely fashion and any promblem they have encounted this will be one of the first flush cieling mounts that we have found a appalication and job where it's really the only to get some cooling in there .Thanks you and peace and good luck clammy
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