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replace bathroom radiator with a radiant wall panel.

kevin coppinger_4kevin coppinger_4 Posts: 2,124Member
diverter tees now adding them after has a high probability on causing issues after. Water can act funny in those older reverse and return gravity systems....if it were my house I would be doing a sep. zone or keep the read.kpc

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  • Paul_64Paul_64 Posts: 4Member
    radiant wall panel

    I would like to replace a bathroom hot water radiator with a radiant wall panel. I cant find any info on how to go about it. I am thinking of having a thermostatic rad valve control the panel. I would use copper tubing due to the high water temp. 2 inch rigged foam board with reflective material.I am also thinking of filling the wall with sand to help distribute the heat. what do you think?
  • A.J.A.J. Posts: 257Member
    be very carefull

    I had learned the hard way that you have to be very carefull when you mix rads. with flat panel rads. The pressure drop through your cast iron rad is going to be alot less than the flat panel so you know where most of the flow is going.
    You might want to try some thermostatic radiator valves on the cast iron to balance out your flow.
  • Paul_64Paul_64 Posts: 4Member
    radiant wall panel

    I was not clear enough. I would like to run the tubing behind the wall with heat diffusion plates and use the wall itself as the heat source and have the thermostatic rad valve exposed just before the tubing runs into the wall. the bathroom floor was recently tiled so thier is no chance of ripping it up to put radiant tubing in there. And no way to get at it from below.
  • ALH_4ALH_4 Posts: 1,790Member
    Radiant Wall

    Here is a pdf I created to illustrate a radiant wall with Thermofin-U extruded aluminum plates. This is best done on interior walls, but with adequate thermal breaks and insulation, it can also be done on exterior walls.
  • kevin coppinger_4kevin coppinger_4 Posts: 2,124Member
    you will need...

    to run it as a seprate zone. The extra length of tubing will not have enough flow thriugh it because the pressure drop is too high.....keap the rad. Perhaps you could find a thinner madel if space is an issue....kpc

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  • Paul_64Paul_64 Posts: 4Member
    seperate zone

    How much should I worry about pressure drop. I will be adding about 20 feet of 1/2 inch copper pipe to this run which was one of the shorter runs in house. If I run into trouble could I just change the cast tee to a diverter tee? Or could that cause problems with the rest of the system?
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