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30 years ago today

John Barba
John Barba Member Posts: 166
and a galaxy far, far away!

When my son was 4 or so, he was WAY into Star Wars. We saw one of the movies in a theatre -- during a quiet scene when someone said "may the force be with you," my boy, the good Catholic that he is, blurted out, "and also with you."

I don't know where he gets it.


  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    I remember

    STAR WARS was released 30 years ago today..saw it on the really big screen (drive in)

    Fave charachter - chewbacca...

    Gods has it been 30 years already???

    Mitch B
  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    OH GOD

    that is priceless!!!

    That movie is still one of the greatest, even with today's effects..that one was amazing..I remember being blown away

    My brothers comment when it started showing all the words was "are we here to watch it or read it?"..then the battleship just kept going and going...

  • Ben_10
    Ben_10 Member Posts: 6
    Anouther funny kid

    The funny things kids say

    Once in Home Depot as I was checking out with my debit card, the cashier asked if I would like cash back?

    I thought for a few seconds and said no thank you.

    Within in 5 seconds as I was gathering up my bags, my 6 year old son turns to me and says in a surprised tone loudly

    Dad, if I were you I would have taken the cash back!

    The cashier, the person behind me and I never laughed so hard

  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    I remember

    The opening scene when the star cruiser came from what seemed to be the projection room and moved across what seemed to be the ceiling of the theatre. My jaw dropped. In fact it dropped so hard I had to go back five times in the next few months to relive it. It truly broke ground that no movie has even come close to since.
  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    An instant classic.

    I remember going with my mom. There were no seats left,
    we sat in the aisle. That had to be illegal.
    I still watch it on DVD every once in a while, and now my 4 year old daughter
    loves it also.

    Too bad the first three episodes ( the latest releases) were not as good.

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  • Tombig_2
    Tombig_2 Member Posts: 231

    John, what a great line from the boy...priceless.

    I was about seventeen and working in my best friend's father's welding shop. Me and my buddy clamped some three foot pieces of 3/8" bar stock in the stinger handle and ground clamp and invented "arc sabers". We cranked the welder up to 300 amps AC and man, the sparks really flew. We had such a blast. We tucked our "sabers" in an out of the way corner for reuse and when the old man found them he took one look and knew exactly what we were doing. They were arc'ed and scored all up and down their length. He told us to quit before we burn up the equipment or injure ourselves. At 17 yrs old...we just hid the evidence better after that. It was just too much fun!

    Thanks, George Lucas
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