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Life Breath

Brad White_172
Brad White_172 Member Posts: 53
eight years now...

Not a problem. Lifebreath 200 if I recall.

Simple installation (reinforced straps come with it). Duct collars are plastic (blue and red for good air and bad air I suppose... )

The controls are pretty simple yet sophisticated -even for 1998 or 9 when I bought it. Four speeds, defaults to Speed 2 for base-line ventilation but will go to Speed 4 (high speed) when it detects humidity, then it goes back to base level.

I use mine in my bathroom as an exhaust fan but the primary reason was to provide combustion air to my interior laundry room gas dryer. The Lifebreath can turn on by a mechanical twist timer, high bathroom humidity and automatically via a Veris Hawkeye whenever the dryer comes on. Easy-Peasy.

I check the filters once every six months or so and once a year I hose out the exchanger. They all slide out the side. Nice metal enameled cabinet. Good unit.


  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Doing our first one

    I know how they work and its sounds like a great product but never done one.

    Anyone have any tips ??


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  • Chris_82
    Chris_82 Member Posts: 321

    Depending on the location, my only obseervation was it was placed in the attic and the aluminum tape slid off in hot weather. Other than that there are a number of units to choose from, it is a very competitive feild in Canada. And comparable units are avaliable Also the honeywell air cleaner if you go that route needs to be cleaned based upon use and amount of stuff in the air...this can be as often as every month in the summer. It only shows it is doing its job and not a fault but I would caution you on saying change the filter every six monthes. If u use the hepa filters they clog quikly in pollen season. On the up side they make a dramatic difference in breathing and general health it is quite a difference and you will find yourself saying these things should be manditory the quality of life difference is that dramatic for a good whole house system.

    On another note we once participated in a manditory 100% mask usage on a reasearch project commercial high rise project where every one was required to wear masks. It was of course sponsered by 3M, and many dispute the findings but I know from seeing many of the workers years afterwards wear mask to this day. It made a huge difference in how you feel and general health on the job site. If ever you go overseas yougeneerally notice everyone wearing them and there is great socal pressure to wear them. Contrast that with here in the US wheare you are considerd a "girly man" for wearing them. Of course our health and health care system is the worst amongst the economic powers on the globe and we pay with a mightily higher cancer rate but at least we can say we look good on job sites by not wearing masks.
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