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don_185 Member Posts: 312
So what do you guys use on the pool side of the hx when you
cant get a stainless steel nipples.

I've try sch 80 pvc with no luck.I've ask the pool guy if I
could use copper for the first 12" to pvc and he shot it down.

Why don't hx company offer stainless steel nipples along with their hx?

Why is it getting harder everyday to find a company that stock stainless steel nipples without having to order them?


  • Unknown
    We use brass

    Just some short nips , maybe 4 or 5 inches long , then transition to PVC . We tried using PVC right into the HX , but we found out the hard way it don't hold too long without a drip .
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Dan has a place at the lower part of the page....

    suggestions to make things better...

    i concur. my thought is it would make perfect sense to me to have a stainless or brass hollow threaded fitting that was "cast" right into the plastic mold...or a shark bite type means of attachment for plastic components...

    i have pretty good luck with using High Heat silicon when i put plastic to red brass together...just leave it alone for a day....let it dry thoroughly....

    maybe this post could go there...that way the manufacturers of various plastic water filters pumps controls etc might get excited about making an improvement in the quality of their products and we would not be having this discussion ..?
  • don_185
    don_185 Member Posts: 312
    Thanks Ron JR/Weezbo.

    Ron I hear you about the drip.I piped a hx on to a wood boiler last year and I lost count on how many times I went
    back because of a leak.When doing the install I pipe it with a purge/flush setup on both side of the hx.
    Explained to the customer he needs to turn the ball valves off when the pool pump is in off mode.That seem to work.

    Weezbo..the hightemp silicone is a great ideal.I'm going to try it today if I can musta the paintence to wait long enough with out putting water to it.I'll also add that to my trick of the trade list.

    Thanks gentleman.

  • kal_2
    kal_2 Member Posts: 60
    has anyone tried flanges..

    with pcv male adapers with 10 turns of teflon tape, and fiber washers under the bolts to mitigate heat transfer, and would also use permetex red silicone on both side of the gasket, and not tighten the bolts too much, let it set first - then presurize
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