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Musty Basement from water backup

Al_18 Member Posts: 17
Thanks to all for input


  • Al_18
    Al_18 Member Posts: 17
    Musty Basement after water backup

    Cellar flooded after heavy rains. There is a strong musty smell in the basement after clean up. Any good tips on how to get rid of this odor?
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440

    Until you remove all wet organic material the odor (mildew or mold) will persist. A wipe-down with bleach 10:1 in water or spray will help kill the spores. Clorox spray cleaner works really well I have found.

    A professional remediation company might advise you. Good luck.
  • Put several fans

    in the basement and open all the windows. Also a dehumidfier makes a big difference. I have carpets in my basement and get water a lot. They are a special indoor outdoor carpet and I use a Bissell Bacterial cleaner with my carpet cleaner.

    If it is an all cement floor a good strong industrial cleaner with some scub brushes and a wet vac will clean it up and get rid of possible mold and bacteria.

    I get a mold inspection once a year and so far I am okay, but it really takes a lot of staying on top of the water and clean up afterwards. DO NOT LET THE WATER STAND AND DRY OUT BY ITSELF.
  • JimGPE_23
    JimGPE_23 Member Posts: 11

    What I am sure you meant but what might not be clear is run either the fans with the doors open or the dehumidifier with the fans off and the doors/windows closed.

    If its a nice warm and dry day outside, by all means ventilate with fans and open doors. Otherwise, close it all up and run the dehumidifier for a few days.

    Again, all this is AFTER you have removed the damaged materials and squeegied out as much of the water as possible.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    you can get some special stuff at the lumber company

    it is used to keep the wood from rotting away and the mold from eating everything in sight. its cheap for what it does...usually we cut the bottom of the sheetrock to about 4" above the water mark dry everything reinsulate and rock on...
  • fans

    worked great for me. leave them running even with the humidifier on. I aimed my fans right at any wet wood. a bleach sray will kill the mold and concentrated orange odor eliminator killed all the smell at my house. I bought the odor eliminator at an auto parts store. I spread speedi-dri and left it on the floor for a couple of days, to suck out the water, and it helps to pick up the mud. Good luck, Bob Gagnon

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