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Best piping choice for potable water?

Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845
Too many people have had installed plastic piping because of PH issues, only to continue to have problems with appliances, and faucets and all they really eliminated was the pinholes in the copper piping.

But in answer to the question, I have been installing Aquapex for at least ten years now, and have no problems yet, I use the Propex expansion fitting system. Fittings are available locally for me, and I would never hesitate using pex over copper on plumbing water supply piping. I use copper only in places I want the rigid quality of hard pipe L copper, such as faucet shut-off wall stub outs, toilet shutoff valve stub outs, etc.



  • Phil_8
    Phil_8 Member Posts: 39

    What type of piping is the best for home potable water in an area where the PH of the water can be slightly acidic: Copper type L, Copper type M, CPVC, or PEX. A nearby county has made type L mandatory because of pinholes developing in pipes. If you were building a home what would your choice be? Thanks in advance.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106

    treat the water so it doesn't attack copper and brass! Get the test results from the water supplier and see how far out of wack the ph is.

    Even if you go to plastic piping to disguise the ph issue you will still have copper and brass components in your plumbing fixtures.

    I'm not sure at what point on the ph scale you really don't want to drink or bath in the water?

    Might check with a water treatment pro in your area for some thoughts. They would know what else may be in the water that could be conditioned out, hardness, iron, odor, etc.

    hot rod

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  • I use

    I use copper for potable water, however, if the water is the issues, I have it tested and find out what in it. If ph is the problem, I use this brand water cond to raise the ph, removes the iron, hardness, iron bacterica, reduces sulphur and sanitized the unit using regular block salts only. I know, I have it in my home where the water condintion is horrible...
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    use the water for watering the weeds...

    install a water tank flush all the lines....

    the Aqua pex and rehau potable are excellent products for roping a home however i tend to like to see Copper in the boiler room/mechanicalroom.

    water filtration,is minimum on a well,then comes the water treatment plant :)

    always get the water sample at the farthest fixture in the building and have a free test verified like at SEARS and listen to what the "loocal"guidelines and solutions to water problems might be...then take another sample around and have it tested at a testing agentcy /lab. that will provide you with some accurate information . call a well drilling outfit in your area and ask what type of treatment if any is generally required in your area...they may even have a lead on a water treatment with cred ...Just for You Today! :)
  • Phil_15
    Phil_15 Member Posts: 13
    Pro Pex expansion fittings

    Thanks guys! I guess the big problem with the old polybutelene piping was that the fittings had a different coefficient of expansion than the pipe. Those were the failure points. CPVC costs a little less than copper. That aside, I was wondering, what are the disadvantages of cpvc over copper.
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    I installed about....

    200+ homes w/ PB using copper fittings and problems....I would go the pex manifold route...I personally like the Vanguard style.....kpc

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