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basement air smells

I hate when that happens.


  • doug_37
    doug_37 Member Posts: 1
    basement air smell

    I live in a two story 3 year old home. When I put on the central air we get a basement air smell coming through the ducts. We also get bad headaches and sinus problems whenever we have it on. We've had a few heating people out but the system works so they were stumped. The basement was very damp when the system was put in we were thinking the wooden floor joists may have been damp before the returns were sealed. we need help who do we call next and what could this be?
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    there are a lot of it could be's....

    take a look at your homeowners Guide to Home Care and Warranty information then contact your GC....make sure that you have done your part by changing the filters and cleaning them on a regular basis. it is extremely unlikely however it is possible to have a cracked heat exchanger in a forced air system it may "Work" however you need to check the burner and have someone check the co in free air also,at Least once a season on oil fired heating equipment.

    what type of filters do you have in the plenum?
  • JimGPE_23
    JimGPE_23 Member Posts: 11
    Cooling mode or heating mode or both?

    If in the cooling mode only, you could have the "gym socks syndrome" where very aromatic mold has coated your cooling coil. The change in temperature caused by the cooling coming on kicks the spores and your supply air smells like dirty gym socks. If this sounds like your troubles, you need to have a pro clean your cooling coil and add an antibiotic tablet to the drain pan. That should do 'er.
  • curiousity kills
    curiousity kills Member Posts: 118

    Any chance there es an Aprilair elotrnic air cleaner on this.
  • Better check for

    Carbon Monoxide just to be safe. One of the sysmptoms is headaches and sinus problems among others. Do you have a CO detector and is it working?
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Any luck doug?

    How are you making out Doug?

    Hey Tim! Long time no see... How are things at your end?
  • Hi Eugene

    I am doing fine, I have been in the past year very busy with training. All of sudden the past three months things have come to a stand still. Training dollars I think get set aside when the cost of gasloine takes a big chunk out of profits. I am looking at going back on the road with my training come this fall.

    I enjoy your area here on the Wall it is a great addition.

    Wish you well!!!
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