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radiant questions

hr Member Posts: 6,106
available to bolt right on to the pump. Then you could use a low voltage thermostat. Lots more choices in low voltage stats including digital ones geared towards radiant, set back, slab sensor options, etc.

Taco relays are another option. Find their SR realy offerings at any Johnstone Supply store.

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  • MJ_2
    MJ_2 Member Posts: 2
    radiant thermostat questions

    Hi- I bought a home that has radiant floor heating, ran by a gas water heater with hoses that are ran througout the floors. The system is hooked to a light switch in my kitchen that turns the (Pump?) on and off which heats the home, but it has only on and off and when i forget the system runs all day. I really want a thermostat to put in to control the pump or system so it will go on and off by itself, I have no clue what voltage or what type of thermostat might be available, next to my on off switch there is a manual turn dial on off type switch that turns on fans throughout the home if I want to get the home hotter than the on off switch provides. Can anyone suggest what I will need to know to get the right thermostat and wether I can also put the fan control into the new thermostat? Is this type a system a heat pump radiant system or boiler whats the best way to tell? thanks so much for any help
  • John_82
    John_82 Member Posts: 63

    You can get a line voltage thermostat for a few bucks at home depot. Hook it up where the wall switch is and your all set. If you can't find a line voltage t-stat, get a 24v honeywell T87 & a 24v transformer. It ain't the best control system, but a hell of alot better than a wall switch...
  • MJ_2
    MJ_2 Member Posts: 2

    thanks so when you say lin voltage t-stat does it matter about voltage at all? will it work on anything basically?
    the other gentleman was stating about switching to low voltage for more options? can you please explain if that should be done and what I would do? last question can I take the manual fan control switch next to it and tie it into the new thermostat? thanks a bunch
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Consider a heating contractor :)

    they could show you options and assure no one gets hurt. Not trying to be rude but electricity need to be handled respectfully.

    Sounds like you might benefit from a two stage thermostat. First stage turns on the radiant, then the second stage turns on the backup fan? system.

    Typically these are low voltage 24V controls. It's possible your fan or air handlers have the transformers installed to provide this low control voltage.

    If so a few wiring change could tie in all the components in a safe logical manner.

    Be hard to explain all this via the www without knowing exactly what you have to work with as far as components, voltages, ability to tie all the components to one control, etc.

    hot rod

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