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Water Problem

Not only moen will give ya trouble, it any bad/defective single handle faucet cartridges will give ya problems... If pressure is differnt on one side, then u gonna have problems... Need to check outlet of water heater pressure, ... Btw, what's a aqua buster?


  • steve_38
    steve_38 Member Posts: 74
    hot water problem

    interesting situation,
    customer called complaining about hot water entering through the cold side faucet in the kitchen...
    when i arrived at the customers house, I checked the faucet in the kitchen like he said and sure enough hot water came out of the cold side. then i check the other faucets in the house and they also had the same promblem. i went in the basement to check his heating equiptment and he had a NY steel dry base boiler with coil and a 40 Gallon Kenmore electric water heater converted into an Aquabuster. I ran the cold faucet in the basement slop sink and went over to the cold water feed at the coil and noticed it was reverse water flow. I checked the plumbling on the Converted elec.water heater/aquabuster and at the coil. i noticed the plumbing water correct, which stumped me. i checked the plumbing a couple of times and it was correct lol... i never encountered a problem like this. So i put a check valve on the cold line going towards the systems and then ran the cold water it worked and just drew water from the main, but now it caused water hammer every time the faucet would open. i also checked to see if maybe there was a problem with the washer machine which there wasn't and it was 3 years old. Now i asked the customer when the aquabuster was installed he said last year and I asked him when did this problem occur he said last week and then i asked him if any plumbing was done in the house recently and he said no... ??? I want to know why this would happen. i checked the water pressure it was 70lbs... also the main is 3/4" and throughout the house is 3/4". the Aquabuster is piped in 3/4" and the coil is piped in 1/2". If anyone can help or has an idea of what can cause this i would appreciate it. thanks Steve
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    Any Moen faucets there?

    I've heard these are known for passing hot water into cold water lines thru their cartridges.

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  • jeremy_9
    jeremy_9 Member Posts: 1
    hey steve

    hey steve, it's jeremy you installed my boiler in my house. absolutely awsome job. it's been over a year now and i've saved a lot of money on oil. i have to tell you i had a couple of estimates for my new heating system and i felt more comfortable with you even though your price was a little higher lol... my oil company came to do the annual tune up, and the service tech. was impressed, he said he couldn't believe how service friendly you made it...and he said alot more good stuff... well i didn't think i would see you in hear on the wall... i'm sure you'll find what's causing that problem at that service call you have. good luck... WHO'S BETTER THEN YOU! Thanks again jeremy
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