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Temperature glide ranges from 0.2 degrees to 16 degrees depending on the refrigerant. R-410a has a temperature glide of 0.3 degrees, which for all intents and purposes is darn close to zero in my book.

All non-manufacturer specific R-410a training literature states that it is okay to top off R-410a systems as the glide and the potential for fractionation is practically non-existent.

Be sure to check out the information regarding R-410a certification review/testing that I am offereing on Long Island.

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  • Techman
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    HELLO FELLOW CHILLHEAD'ers. .Professor,the newer refrigerants have "glide". Companys like Carrier and Daikin dictate that we must not "top-off" their Ductless splits with R410a, we MUST recover the remaining freon and recharge with new freon.This being true,how does this "glide " and a system with a leak effect systems with a large refrigerant charge.What if the leak is on the liquid side of the system as campared to the vapor side? What about the interim refrigerants[HCFC],R409a,R406a,R401a?What is the actual affects and effects to a system that I do topoff with ,say ,I add 10lbs to a system that normally hold 20lbs.
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